Must Read News Articles of the Day – September 1

The Hindu

National/ Front Page

Return land to Singur farmers: SC : The Supreme Court , in a landmark decision says the land, acquired by Tata Motors to set up a plant, be returned to the farmers. It was the Singur land deal that led to the fall of Communist government in West Bengal.

The brunt of development should not be faced by those who have the least voice in governance, and agricultural workers fall at the bottom of it.


Brazilian Senate impeaches Rousseff : In an impeding crisis, the Senate has impeached Rousseff. She had succeeded , by popular mandate Lula Da Silva, becoming the first woman to become President of Brazil.
After embassy attack, Kyrgyzstan and China to step up fight against terror : Within hours of the terror attack on the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked with his Kyrgyz counterpart Erlan Abdyldaev over the phone on ways to step up the fight against terror, along a route that is part of the “Belt and Road”
Pak. to acquire eight submarines from China: A disturbing move? Why are submarines important? Because they let nations project power far beyond their territorial waters.

Opinion/ Editorial

Republic of Unreason : If the Parliament were to pass the Surrogacy Bill in its current format, it would surely lead to the denial of Constitutional right to equality. Read on to know more.
Do we need a minimum wage law? The government recently announced that a minimum wages of Rs. 10,000 would be stipulated under law. This would be done by an executive order. The industry protested and the order never came. Do we need a minimum wages law? How easy will it be to enforce it?
A ‘green’ rap on the knuckles : The National Green Tribunal has sent a notice to state top officials on implementation of Biological Diversity Act.
Outwards to Africa : India and Africa together have one fourth of land area of the world, one third of population burden and one half of disease burden. And yet, our spending on S & T is less than 1 % of our GDP.
Advance the Budget : In an editorial piece, an argument is made that the Budget needs to be advanced by a month or so. The current arrangement of having it in the last week of Feb leads to wastage of time.


Meet on SEZs to address tax concerns under GST regime : How will the GST rules apply to SEZs? Clarifications on the same are much needed. Note that this issue has become a bone of contention between the two minitries – Minitry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance.
Cabinet nod for permanent residency to FDI investors : This will be done for all nationalities, excluding Pakistan.
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