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Rank 12 – IFoS Topper Neha Srivastava’s Success Story

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Rank 12 – IFoS Topper Neha Srivastava’s Success Story


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  • Archana

    someone plz give me some tips to prepare for prelims 2018

  • Mono

    Forestry and Zoology! I am here!

  • Surbhi Kalra

    ZOOLogy and Forestry

  • Surbhi Kalra

    Hey Are u still preparing with same optionals?

  • bishnu gupta

    Which subject is your optional?

  • Surbhi Kalra

    need company for ifs prep. anyone dere?

  • Ronnie Arora

    Watch Success Guru AK Mishra in conversation with Yashika Mehta,IFS Rank-136, CSE-2015 on 17th january 2017 from 9AM to 9:30AM. Yashika Mehta will share his journey to success and will reveal right preparation tips to successfully get through Civil Services Examination. You can also watch live streaming of the full episode on Chanakya IAS Academy.

  • neel

    mam can u tell me answer writing for zoology..

  • janvai patil

    hello mam, can i choose forestry and zoology as my optional subjects..?

  • Congratulation….
    nice to see you on board…
    I can recollect your talks on zoology forum.

  • MasuriIAS

    Congrats mam…..

  • HappyIAS

    hello mam!
    Congratulations on ur success! 🙂
    could u please share your email id?

  • Alex

    Hi Madam, @forumias-e90cf065b8feb3cc423ed91808e53a1d:disqus


    Request you to please share your email id, so that I can get in touch with you for more details
    or please drop me test email at
    Thank you

  • Great job Neha.
    I congratulate you. Your ‘message’ to the aspirants mean a lot. Very true. Motivated.

  • helianthus

    Hi neha, congratulations and best wishes for future.
    I am planning to appear in ifos this year with botany n agriculture as optional.
    Plz suggest booklist in addition to ignou material.
    I have no background in botany, only that I studied it till 12th. An exhaustive list of material by you may prove really beneficial.

  • kinghood

    Gud !

  • Nocturnal90

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Nocturnal90

    Thank you 🙂

  • Sathish

    Congratulations Neha… Welcome to IFS…. U ll have fun time here in IGNFA… Cheers

  • Sathish

    Congratulations Neha… Welcome to IFS…. U ll have fun time here in IGNFA… Cheers


    Congratz ma’m

  • Nocturnal90

    Thank you. You can contact me through gmail. All the best

  • Thnks mam

  • Nocturnal90

    I am glad. Thank you and all the best for the upcoming result.

  • Nocturnal90

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Nocturnal90
  • Nocturnal90

    Botany is my second optional. Ignou notes are available in PDF. They cover the families, economic botany, physiology and morphology portion really well. If you are familiar with botany then for other topics you can go for standard books. I will post my notes asap.

  • Nocturnal90

    Thank you all! My both optionals are very unconventional, and they troubled me a lot in beginning. I would be really happy if I could help my fellow aspirants in anyway possible. I will post the detailed strategy, booklist, notes, PDF etc whatever I have very soon. Right now I am gearing up for walking test and my notes are at home. All the best.

  • Ajit Singh

    Great ,really very nice presentation Neha it seems true from yours heart and boosted my confidence ,waiting for my mains result really your idea regarding interview is too much informative and motivating.thanks stay blessed and happy forever

  • Neyawn

    Congratulations @nocturnal90 🙂 You rock!

  • Rita

    Congratulations. Can I request you to share more information about your preparation for botany. The books, the strategy etc.. Would like to have your email add to consult about the optional.

  • Mam, can u please tell detailed strategy for botany optional

  • anju_sharma2089

    Congratulations Neha on your stupendous success! I have a doubt. Can you tell me if in the age of single optional one can risk studying for Mains right now in Feb – April-May and then move to Prelims prep in May -June-July?

    I have cleard prelims before and appeared for the Interview but could not get selected that year. I am new to the new 4 GS paper pattern. Your advice will be helpful. TIA