Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 9 March 2016


Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Backlash forces Jaitley to withdraw EPF tax {Budget Proposals- Paper III}

Pollution remains in floodplain due to sink effect: study {Pollution – Paper III}

Bombay house is the first heritage building to get green ratings {Environment – Paper III}

International Affairs 


Opinions & Editorials 

Don’t compromise on privacy {Bills & Legislations – Paper II}

Government cuts its losses on EPF {Budget Proposals- Paper III}

Cooling the earth down {Environment – Paper III}

Business & Economy


Indian Express – Opinion & Editorial

Basis of a revolution {Bills & Legislations – Paper II}

After the roll-back {Budget Proposals- Paper III}

More mollycoddling


Internet mall versus town hall {Data Security vs National Security – Paper III}

A dead Yamuna weeps for its survival {Environment – Paper III}

The European central bank’s dilemma

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