Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 15 February 2016


Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


India gravity wave detector 8 years away  { Science & Technology – Paper III}

Science and Technology  / Environment / Climate Change – Paper III

Listening to the chirps of gravitational waves  {S&T}

Unravelling mysteries of coral bleaching  {Biodiversity}

Zika virus persisted in man’s semen for two months  {Diseases – S&T)

Antartica influencing weather in tropics  {Climate Change}

Opinions & Editorials 

Why our universities are in ferment {Politics at educational campus – Paper II}

State overreach on the campus  {Right to Expression – University Campus  – Paper II}

Listening to symphony of the universe { Science & Technology – Paper III}

A judgement for women’s right  {Women’s right – Paper I & II}


Business & Economy – Paper III

Consumer loans see highest incidence of fraud: Report {Banking}

Ministry rejects smart card plan for unorganized workers  {Unorganised Sector}

PM Modi urged to make reality match “Make in India” hype {Manufacturing}

High speed railways in India: Success will ride on the details  {Infrastructure}


Indian Express – Opinion & Editorials 

Taking off  {Defense Technology – Paper III}

From plate to plough: On the farm front, make a bold move  {Agriculture  – Paper III}

Sex determination: Answer this  {Government Policy – Paper II, Science & Technology – Paper III}

Start at the bottom  {Education Paper II}


India’s challenge of securing the seas  {Marine Security Challenges }

The trade agreements dilemma {Trade – Paper III}

Make in India: Learning from our success  {Manufacturing – Paper III}

The 1991 moment of Indian Banking  {Banking and liberalisation – Paper III}

Economic Times / Financial Express

Business Standard 

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