Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 19 May, 2016


Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Prithvi-II test-fired successfully {Science and Tech – Paper II}

India may supply two warships to Philippines {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

ITF wants app-based taxis to trade data for light regulation {Governance – Paper II}

Oil-for-drugs deal likely with crisis-hit Venezuela {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Hypersonic test flight promises to shrink world {Science and Tech – Paper III}

Sri Lanka to get a glimpse of Pakistan’s Buddhist legacy {Art and Culture – Paper I}

A box that ‘reconditions’ donor lungs {Science and Tech – Paper III}


Opinions & Editorials 

North by Northeast {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Rebooting ties with Iran {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

A work in progress {Social Issue – Paper II}


The Tories stand divided over Brexit {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Maldives cuts ties with Iran {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Business & Economy

India needs ‘global sized’ institutions: FM {Economy – Paper III}


Indian Express – Opinion & Editorial

Discipline yourself {Economy – Paper III}

Bank on the brink {Economy – Paper III}


Bank consolidation: An idea whose time has come { Economy – Paper III}

The way back for monetary policy { Economy – Paper III}

Why we must have the right to choose death {Bills and Laws – Paper II}

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