Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 2 April 2016

Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Modi outlines nuclear security steps {Nuclear Security – Paper III}

NITI Aayog member’s push for GM pulses draws flak {NITI Aayog – Paper II}

Coterminous LS, State polls not feasible  {Electoral Reforms – Paper II}



Opinions & Editorials 

Medical Council needs urgent therapy {Health – Paper II}

The Pathankot paradigm {Foreign Policy- Paper II}

Accidents and Criminal Liability {Disaster Management- Paper III}

Business & Economy

NITI Aayog finalises Model Act for farm land lease {Bills and Laws – Paper II}

Indian Express – Opinion & Editorial

Clearing the air on LPG {Subsidies – Paper III}

Like-minded partners{International relations – Paper II}

Kolkata flyover collapse: Cautionary tale {Disaster Management- Paper III}

The American hug {International relations – Paper II}



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