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Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day– 24 September 2015

Newspaper articles bearing
to Civil Services preparation

The Hindu


  • Uphill task for Skill India mission – The article looks into how even after Skill India program running for almost 6 years now, the people who have received formal skill training is a very meager number. The government should look to address this as a large number of people gets informal vocational training.




  • Apply Panchsheel on Nepal – The article looks into different elements of Nepalese constitution and how it is a progressive one. It also looks into the misses of Constituent Assembly in framing constitution. The article further explores India’s concerns regarding Nepalese constitution and how India should not meddle in the sovereignty of its neighbor.
  • The encryption debate – The article looks into how encryption policy is brought on the ground of Public Safety vs Privacy Issue. Administrations cite public safety as the reason for asking for encryption access. The article looks into definition of encryption and why administrators globally seek encryption access.

Indian Express

Editorials & Columns

  • If it’s Tuesday – The article looks into how the administrations are pushing green initiatives rather than being enforced to do by courts. The article talks about new awareness among urban people regarding their environment.
  • Cryptic policy – The article looks into how internet governance across governments has been characterized by shambolic and uninformed policy making be it in the case of IT act (66A) or at present in case of Encryption policy.
  • Is India staring at deflation? – The article looks into deflation situation in Indian economy. There is a confusion as Wholesale Price Index (WPI) shows deflation while consumer price index (CPI) is showing disinflation. The article looks into confusion created by divergence of CPI and WPI and recommends a holistic Producers Price Index (PPI) to monitor inflation and to provide for a more detailed analysis.


  • Why doesn’t India have its own Silicon Valley? – The article looks into how in Silicon valley 15% of new startups belongs to Indians whereas in India the innovation and creativity for the same seems to be lost. The article explores into reason for the same.
  • A rate for revival – The article looks into how the low domestic demand and cheap prices of imported commodities have led Indian economy into a deflationary situation.
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