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Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day– 29 September 2015

Newspaper articles bearing
to Civil Services preparation

The Hindu


  • Zuckerberg for balance between access and Internet neutrality – has been re branded as “Free and Basic Services”. In context of net neutrality, there is a mention of another business example such as Jana, which provided data access within strict definitions of net neutrality. (Government Policies- GS Paper II, Science and Tech- GS Paper III)
  • With Astrosat launch, ISRO scales new heightsASTROSAT – first dedicated multi wavelength space observatory launched by India; and also the first time ISRO launching US satellites. The article looks into the achievement of ISRO and the intended functions of space observatory.(Science and Tech- GS Paper III)
  • Seven MoUs exchanged – The thing to know in this article is BHARAT FUND launched by PM, at the India-U.S. StartUp Konnect forum, a fund that is aimed at providing seed funding to Indian entrepreneurs.(Prelims, Mobilization of Resources- GS Paper III)
  • India seeks funds, technology to combat climate change – In bilateral discussion with US President Obama, Indian PM Mr Modi brought up the “climate of negativism” that surrounds climate change negotiations and sought to turn the debate into a positive format that will nudge developing countries to adapt cleaner development models by providing them access to technology and capital. US has also endorsed the India’s bid for seat in Asian Pacific Economic Community (APEC). (Environment- GS Paper III, Regional Groupings- GS Paper II)
  • SC dismisses PIL on digital locker – The thing to know in this article is DIGITAL LOCKER – digital locker facility – linked to Aadhaar cards – to help citizens digitally store their important documents like PAN card, passport, mark sheets and degree certificates. It is aimed to help people by eliminating the use of physical documents and in sharing verified electronic documents across government agencies.(Prelims, e-governance- GS Paper II)
  • Supermoon may cause tidal flooding – The thing to know in this article is  – SUPERMOON is a perigean spring tide that occurs when the moon is either new or full and closest to the earth (perigee) causing increased tidal ranges or increased current speeds than those experienced during the normal spring tides.(Prelims)


  • More sops for start-ups coming – The article looks into Government proposal to streamline the patent process online to make it more convenient. The idea was to create a large library of patents originating from India and fund 500 lawyers to make it free for anyone to file the patent. The Government should also set up and fund incubators at 500 universities and colleges. (e-governance – GS Paper II, Intellectual Property Rights- GS Paper III)


  • Boost R & D to drive manufacturing growth: Study – India needs to invest more in research & development (R & D) and promote entrepreneurship to achieve transformative gains and boost job creation in the country, according to a joint study “Make in India – The next leap”. While technological handicap can be addressed through FDI in the short run, India needs to find resources to invest in R & D and new technologies for long term growth. (Indian Economy- GS Paper III)


  • Benign gatekeeper not the solution – The article looks into (rebranded as free and basic services) which is in midst of heated debate between net neutrality and providing minimum services to people who still don’t have facility of broadband. The article also looks into how the rebranding of name of bring about change which is much more than being just cosmetic.(Government Policies- GS Paper II, Science and Tech- GS Paper III)
  • Mr. Modi in Silicon Valley – The article looks into the visit of PM Modi to US West Coast, and his meeting with who and who of technology arena. The article looks into all the meetings and promises made and how actually it needs to be looked at. (General Awareness)
  • Wages for the parliamentarians – The article looks into the floating of idea for creation of an independent Emoluments Commission to recommend salaries and allowances for member of parliaments; and the kind of public perception it will create. The MPs are generally criticised for fixing their own wages and allowances. (Parliament Privileges- GS Paper II)

Indian Express

Editorials & Columns

  • The passengers are restless – The article looks into economy indicator which seems contrary to belief that economy is ready to take off. The article looks into the economy performance on the basis of slowing down of domestic consumption and declining investment. (Indian Economy- GS Paper III)
  • Picking up the tab for peace – The article looks into the commitment made by PM yesterday to increase India’s peacekeeping operations and joint training of troops for peacekeeping operations. The objective seems to be India’s need to exert itself in geopolitical arena in its bid to permanent seat in United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Also, the article looks into what India should do towards peacekeeping operations countering the recent rise in India’s neighbor contribution in peacekeeping operations. (International Institutions- GS Paper II)
  • Two in one – The article looks into the merger of Forwards Market Commission and Securities and Exchange Board of India. The article looks into how a number of regulators for different segment of economy creates a turf battles between the sectoral regulators. The article justifies the need for merger of regulators for better functioning and also looks into the challenges that such a move they pose.(Indian Economy- GS Paper III)


  • or Facebook Free Basics: Do read the fine print – As mentioned above in the Hindu Editorial section this article also deals with debate on net neutrality and providing basic and free internet connectivity to those still deprived. The article specifically looks into which has been rebranded as “Free and Basic Services”.(Government Policies- GS Paper II, Science and Tech- GS Paper III)
  • Why India will not meet its nuclear energy ambition – The article looks into how the India’s ambition in the area of nuclear energy is being undone by financial woes of reactor suppliers and increased cost of nuclear energy. Also the uncertainty surrounding Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act has deterred investment from American companies which don’t want to put their company at risk of uncapped liability.(Government Policies- GS Paper II)
  • An Indian seat at the global high table – With negotiating text for reform on UNSC being considered by United Nations general assembly, the article looks into how reforms can be brought in UNSC and challenges to it. In the wake of criticism of UNSC being not efficient, the article further divulges into what and how changes should be made in UNSC to make it more efficient to address the geopolitical crisis arising time to time.(International Institutions- GS Paper II)
  • Economic integration in South Asia – The article looks into how reducing barriers and increasing cooperation in terms of trade & transport, energy sharing and waterway sharing can actually bring economic integration in South Asian region which can lead to prosperity of every member country and their citizens. (Regional Groupings- GS Paper II)

** Note : For some Prelims related topics you will have to look into the historical , geographical and other contexts related to it.



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  • MonKee

    People of Planning !
    Firms & institutions (Govt & Pvt) advertise recruitment demanding last date for application, fee deposit etc. Don’t you suggest that it should also advertise the last date for Exam & interview (some do) & the appointment (none does) as such ? The time of advertisement through appointment lingers for years. It makes difficult for you for planning for a better life. No firm has right to abet stagnation of talents wastage of youth-minds.

  • MonKee

    How imprudent is UGC in conducting the semiannual NET/JRF ! An aspirant may fail to achieve a NET in one session by securing 60% (assume >60% as cut-off) while the same aspirant is NET qualified in the next session by securing 56% (when the cut-off remains 55%).
    It crossed the limit of PRUDENCE when Odisha Public Service Commision advertised Civil Services 2011 with age limit 35, a candidate became overage; O.K., but when it made a corrigendum (due to legal stay) and included some more aspirants, it re-advertised by giving an age-limit say, BORN BETWEEN SUCH DATE AND SUCH DATE; and lo ! the same candidate became underage in the second age-limit.

  • MonKee

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti advertised for zero post in PGT English for OBC candidates. It accepted applications from OBC candidates by giving age relaxation. When a candidate or two secured higher positions in interview, it denied and refused their appointment because the rule says: relaxed candidates cannot be regarded as available for UR category. Then why did NVS accept those applicants knowing their age-limit and knowing their zero vacancy ? You may ask a counter question: Why did the foolish candidates apply for the post knowing their own age-limit and knowing their zero vacancy ? But the candidates were aware of the rules only during denial and refusal. Who’s supposed to know the rule better-the employer or the employee?? If you say: equally both, then why did NVS carried out all the procedures on those poor victims? Was it only to harass them ???

  • Neyawn

    These are the articles taken from the Newspaper – relevant for Civils! This is the Newspaper. You would not need to read the newspaper beyond this! You will find the same things here and in the paper. Just that here you get 3 Newspapers!

  • partha001

    I want to clarify one important doubt. Is it enough to read the number of articles given here in a day or I have to also read a newspaper separately in addition to this.

  • Gayathri Nayar

    I am from kerala and the print that we get here does not contain these relevant articles. Thank you @Neyawn and@RamyaR. I think I should be going by the articles published in this forum. Once again thanks to both u for having given me the reason.

  • Neyawn

    Do you subscribe to the Delhi edition or do you take up some other edition? Thats because, in Delhi edition, there are some extra articles which are important from UPSC perspective.

  • RamyaR This is what we use to build up the articles as it covers lot more comprehensively.

  • Gayathri Nayar

    First of all thanks for taking your valuable time for posting something which is very useful. Will it be possible for you to give the page numbers too. I asked so since in the copy of “THE HINDU” that I get some topics given above are not there. For example, Seven MoUs exchanged,Russia proposes global contact group to resolve Syrian crisis, SC dismisses PIL on digital locker are not there in my copy,