Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 4 January 2016

Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Modi promises more resources for research  {Research & Innovation – Paper III}

Pranab gives assent to 5 key laws  {Government Policies – Paper II}


We are deepening engagement on Afghanistan

Business & Economy

Sleeping with the Enemy: big banks skirts confrontation to embrace fintech startup  {Economy – Paper III}

Opinion & Editorials

All in the spirit of equality  {Government Policies – Paper II}

In Paris, taking stock of big challenge  {Environment & Security – Paper III}

Indian Express – Opinion & Editorials 

From plate to plough: A new budget in the new year {Agriculture – Paper III}

New Year Postcard-3: Water crisis will define 2016 {Water Crisis – Paper II}

End of the oil age {Energy – Paper III}


Banking In India: 2016 and beyond {Banking – Paper III}

Economic Times / Financial Express

Getting PPP back on track  {Infrastructure – Paper III}

Premature Welfare State {Governemnt – Paper II}

Rs 2,000-crore Nuclear Liability Fund Okayed {Government Policies – Paper II}


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