Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 5 July, 2016


Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Govt. bats for big diesel cars {Environment – Paper III}

NDA, Sainik schools to be thrown open to women, says Parrikar {Governance – Paper II}

Delhi steps up security dialogue with Africa {Foreign Policy – Paper II}

Researchers build super-sensitive e-nose {Science and Tech – Paper III}

Pacific Ocean radiation nears pre-Fukushima level {Science and Tech – Paper III}

Opinions & Editorials 

A Brexit from economic wisdom {Economy – Paper III}

Harmonising RTE with minority schools {Education – Paper III}

Free Basics, now through the backdoor {Bills and Laws – Paper II}


Business & Economy

FDI in airlines may hit air pocket with Centre’s circular on ownership {Economy – Paper III}

Indian Express – Opinion & Editorial

Right, not charity {Bills and Laws – Paper II}

Rethinking rules of the game {Economy – Paper III}


Don’t mess with the Reserve Bank of India {Economy – Paper III}

Where to after 25 years of reforms? {Economy – Paper III}

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