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Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day – 7 September 2015

Newspaper analysis from The Hindu bearing
to Civil Services preparation

Front Page/National

  • Early retirees eligible for OROP, says Modi: When announced initially OROP benefit was not extended to veterans who have taken premature retirement; ex- servicemen continued their strike; this led to defence minister to invite ex-servicemen representative for discussion. The government finally clarified that OROP will be extended to ex-servicemen who have taken premature retirement. Also, PM Modi promised to set up a commission to look into shortcomings and recommend path forward.
  • Newspapers in Kashmir, PoK to share content: To create a permanent linkage and to understand each other’s problem; 12 newspapers on either side Kashmir has agreed to share apolitical content through the medium of newspaper and internet.
  • G20 launches W20 to empower women: G20 meet at Ankara, Turkey saw a realisation from the group that women’s participation is essential for economic growth; also that women happiness index reflects the prosperity of any country. To give face to this realisation G20 has envisaged W20 as an outreach group aiming at increased women participation (gender inclusiveness) in economic growth.
  • Floating test range for missile defence system: Challenges & limitations posed by land mass for carrying out missile tests of varying range has mad India to look for a unique solution in Floating Test Range. The system seeks to engage and destroy incoming enemy missiles at different altitudes in the endo- and exo-atmospheres to protect important cities.
  • Telangana IAF officer’s strategy to curb suicides: (Need to know because, if successful, this model could be adopted across states as well.) The man behind model is 56-year-old Group Captain Gurrapu Jagadishwar Rao, a high-ranking IAF official and native of Kazipet in Warangal district. The strategy involves comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach by integrating various agencies, including health, education, revenue, legal, government and volunteers. The model lays emphasis on restricting the access to the means of committing suicide such as pesticides, acids, certain medicines and fire arms.


  • The gag on Greenpeace: Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) has come in for criticism not only for the overarching control it seeks to have over people-based movements but also for the guidelines framed around it. The MHA is now changing the rules, spelling out what NGOs are required to do, even seeking to scrutinise their social media engagement.
  • ‘Us’, ‘them’ and an elusive peace: The violence in Manipur is linked to unrestrained demographic pressure by ‘outsiders’ and the cry for an Inner Line Permit system. The role of vested interests and inter-community tensions have exacerbated this.
  • Always crashing in the same car: There is a shrinkage in export market; China suffering because of thisl this might lead serious price cuts by Chinese producers who have deep pockets. Currency devaluation will lead to trade war with no victors. India is integrated into global economy but its poor tax laws and capital account regulation means keeping interest rate high; discouraging investment.
  • From city of remembrance to city of hope: As a nuclear conscience keeper, Hiroshima can provide the world a dialogue platform to explore new thinking for lowering the risks associated with nuclear weapons and doctrines, reducing numbers of weapons to minimal levels and eventually creating conditions for abolition of nuclear weapons. Such a platform will certainly strengthen the norm against the use of nuclear weapons.

International/World Affairs

  • Austria to re-impose border controls: The refugee crisis has evoked huge sympathy forcing many European countries to rethink their strategy. At the same time their is an anti muslim resentment among Europeans. Austria which has put emergency measures to help the refugees enter Austria and Germany is looking now to phase it out.
  • Syrian refugee crisis explained: The Syrian war is going on for long now but this specific year saw movement of Syrian people to Europe like never before. This has been attributed to realisation that war is not getting over any sooner; non-acceptance in turkey and no working rights; organisation running camps running out of money leading to harsher conditions; also discovery of new route to Europe through Balkans and sufficient money with refugees to pay smugglers for their movement.


  • Big opportunity for IT firms, says Nasscom chief: Nasscom sees a ‘massive opportunity’ for the domestic tech companies in payments banks and small finance banks, but warned the industry that they need to find out innovative solutions to help these lenders ensure cost-effective delivery of services.
  • India set for take-off, says economist: India is on the cusp of a major take-off and she must not miss this opportunity. It is possible for India to vastly step up its exports, be a hub of global education, and take major strides in the manufacturing sector. But for all this a combination of policies is needed, ranging from exchange rate management to micro-level stimuli.
  • Don’t ignore depositors: In previous credit policies: big banks have been unwilling to pass on previous rate cuts (0.75 percentage points) and this has delayed monetary transmission. Until the transmission is complete further rate cuts will be ineffective. Banks, however, have their own reasons for not lowering their commercial lending rates. There has to be a correlation between deposit rates and lending rates. The former will take sometime to come down. There are many points for as well as against a rate cut. But one constituency which has been ignored are the depositors, especially those who depend on bank interest for their livelihood.
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