Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 8 March 2016

Newspaper  Must Read Articles

Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation 

The Hindu 


Fresh evidence of Stone Age cultures in Kerala {Art and Culture – Paper I}


International Affairs 

Air India operates ‘world’s longest all-women flight 

Opinions & Editorials 

Time to deliver on Women’s Bill {Reservation for women – Paper III}

Full marks on Fiscal Deficit {Fiscal Policy – Paper III}

Buying influence in Washington {US Arms sale to Pakistan – Paper II}


Business & Economy

Six or more anchor banks likely to lead consolidation {PSB Consolidation}

Ahead of Aadhar Bill’s passage, Govt. okays housing subsidy for workers {Subsidy}

Indian Express – Opinion & Editorials 

May the force be with her {Women In India – Police Forces  – Paper I}

A little bit of will {Women in India – Political Empowerment – Paper I}

India Penal Change {Indian Criminal Law – Paper II}

Till the bill {Reservation for women in Parliament – Paper II}


Beneath the fiscal facelift {Fiscal Deficit – Paper III}

The stiff backbone of Aadhar Bill {Bills & Legislations – Paper II}

Equality for women is to the benefit of all {Gender Equality – Paper 1}

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