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Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day – 9 September 2015

Newspaper analysis from The Hindu bearing
to Civil Services preparation

Front Page/National

  • NH stretches to turn green corridors : The National Highway (NH) stretches will be made green corridors by planting trees, landscaping, and laying grass turfs and ornamental shrubs. Green Highways Fund  to be maintained by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to be set up; Indian Highways Management Company Ltd (IHMCL) to be monitoring agency. NH stretches being developed on the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and Build Operate Transfer (BOT) mode to avail the fund. Initial stage one corridor in each state.
  • Rajnath wants CISF to tackle cyber crime: The kind of training that was imparted to personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force, would give them the skill sets and wherewithal to handle any type of terrorism. Rajnath Singh wanted the force to improve its core competence in newer areas of crime, like dealing with cyber crimes, as the globe was going digital.
  • Hindi makes foray into China through AIR: The External Services Division of All India Radio has started broadcasting Hindi lessons in China and Southeast Asia. The programme, Xue Xi Yindiyu Jie Mu (Learning Hindi programme or Aao Hindi Seekhein) , has a Chinese family learning the language from a teacher of the School of Foreign Languages at Jawaharlal Nehru University. The External Services Division, which currently broadcasts in 27 languages, is planning to add Dzongkha, which is spoken in Bhutan
  • Take risks and invest more, PM tells industry leaders: .With global economic crisis rising day by day with no solution in sight, PM Modi has urged India Inc to take risk and invest in domestic markets. with public investment on rise it is the time for private investment to chip in.
  • SC tells NAAC to accredit deemed varsities: Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to undertake the process of accrediting deemed universities on the basis of its own objective parameters.
  • India for better channels with Pak. Rangers: For the first time, India will stress on adding “more layers of channel of communication” with Pakistan Rangers. At present, a communication channel exists only at the sector level, and India wants it extended it to the levels of company commander, battalion and Inspector-General. India will ask for frequent joint patrolling and confidence-building measures.
  • ‘Frankenvirus’ emerges from Siberia’s frozen wasteland: Scientists have said they will reanimate a 30,000-year-old giant virus unearthed in the frozen wastelands of Siberia, and warned climate change may awaken dangerous microscopic pathogens. French researchers announced the discovery of Mollivirus sibericum , the fourth type of pre-historic virus found since 2003
  • IAF’s IJT set for spin test: The Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT), which is being developed as the second rung of the Indian Air Force’s three-level training programme for rookie pilots, is set to undergo its most critical ‘spin’ test this month
  • Black money: Swiss govt. discloses Indore firm’s name: As part of its bilateral treaty for administrative assistance and exchange of information with Switzerland, India has sought details about numerous individuals and companies from the Alpine nation as part of its crackdown against suspected black money stashed in Swiss banks recently one being the Indore based textiles firm Neo Corp International Ltd.


  • Caste and the battle for secularism: The article looks into whether Hindu nationalism or Secular nationalism will be viable for the country. It gets into different drivers that run Hindu Nationalism. It critically analyses the working of Gita Press and its magazine Kalyan. It explores the caste dynamics behind the success of Gita press and also behind Hindu nationalism
  • Cleaning coal instead of wishing it away: Even with a very high Renewable Energy (RE) future, there will be an inevitable growth of energy from base-load power sources, which will likely be coal. The article talks about  phasing out inefficient plants. . It explores about what is required for development clean coal and the innovation required for thermal plants/ factories to use them.
  • India will emerge as the investors’ choice: The recent positive stride in macroeconomic indices which now appears robust from various vantage points will lead India to be primary choice of global investors once the cloud of negativity regarding economic crisis settles down.
  • A blow for gender parity: The view taken by Armed Forces while fighting against permanent commission for women are the evidences of sexist attitude maintained in army. The article talks about recent Delhi HC verdict which gave women the right to permanent commission in Indian Navy.
  • Welcome conviction: The article looks into conviction of six Army personnel involved in Machil fake encounter case. That justice has been done by the court martial is significant in the larger context of efforts to make the armed forces answerable for their actions in conflict zones, and to force the withdrawal of special laws that grant impunity to security personnel in such areas.

International/World Affairs

  • On Tibet anniversary, China amplifies Marxist pitch: China on Tuesday celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Tibet Autonomous Republic (TAR) by sending a powerful visual message of unity, along with an advocacy of fusing religious and socialist values.
  • Queen Elizabeth II set for record: Queen Elizabeth II is set to become the longest reigning monarch in British history; beating her great- grandmother Queen Victoria reign of 63 years and 7 months.


  • Philips unveils web-enabled lighting in India: The solution termed Philips Hue is an intelligent web-based LED lighting solution with Internet of Things concept, which allows users to control home lighting anytime, anywhere.
  • U.S. finds no visa violation, says Infosys: U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) had initiated a probe against TCS and Infosys, for possible violations of rules for H-1B visas for foreign technology workers under contracts had with utility company, Southern California Edison; Infosys on Tuesday said the U.S. government probe has found no visa violation by it.
  • WHITE LABELLED ATM: The Union Cabinet is expected to take a decision on Wednesday on permitting 100 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) in white labelled ATM operations under the automatic route, a move aimed at promoting financial inclusion
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