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Preparing GS II for Mains? These 5 videos will compliment your preparation

This post is courtesy PRS Research – a thinktank based out of New Delhi. You can find out more about them here


For the Mains Examination, especially Paper II, where issues of Indian Polity are asked, you will need to do almost all the bills that are to be tabled in the Parliament, or they are making news.

At least one bill has been asked every year. And for this. you have been probably reading The Hindu , making notes, and what not.

I am sharing with you 5 videos that you need to watch to complement your preparation. Audio-Visual tools will help you remember better.

Don’t bother, each of these videos has exactly what you would want

  • they are to the point – no BS
  • they are short – each under 3 minutes, so that you are not wasting time
  • they are relevant

Watch these videos now


1.  The Constitution 121st Amendment Bill and the National Judicial Appointments Bill



2.  The Railways Amendment Bill, 2014


This one may be a surprise – as it has not really been widely covered in The Hindu


3. The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill 2014


Should know this bill? Yes.

Can know this bill?

Then watch below.

4. Real Estate (Regulation and development ), Bill 2013


Was an expected question earlier. May come any year now.


5. Factories Amendment Bill, 2014

Very recent. very important. Part of the reform package of the new government that should hopefully better our Ease of doing Business index, where we are now 142 from 140 last year.  ( The world bank President had hastily confirmed that it was based on old data of 2013 and did not reflect sentiments after Modiji came. )


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