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Results & Ranklist- ForumIAS Open Mock – 10th April

Dear Friends,

Thank you for attempting our Open Mock on April 10th ( Sunday)

Here are a few things.

1. A lot of you do not like attempting an Online Test. For you guys, we have a downloadable PDF of the Question Paper. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD QUESTION PAPER

2. Those of you who would like to attempt the Test at home, here is the OMR sheet to attempt the Test at home again.

3. The solutions and answer key can be downloaded from here

4. Now coming to those who wrote the Test. Please find the full list of candidates. For those of you attempted the Test Online, you can see your rank , percentile and solution in the Test Portal itself.

5. Those of you who attempted the Test in the classroom, will have received an email with their Correct, Incorrect and Total Score. They can see their rank in the final List here.

6. What is a good score?

For this Test, a good score would be
1) 100+ Marks is a good score when attempted in all fairness. However, do not be complacent. In the last three months a lot of candidates are going to work hard and you will need to keep your rank intact.
2) Score between 75-100 Marks – Revision is needed. Usually those students who have prepared well but not revised. Most candidates who have cleared Prelims before, but attempted the paper without revision are in this region.
3) Between 60-75 Marks – Preparation is not complete. Please refer to basic books, write more tests and get alert right now.
4) Less than 60 marks – Either Poor Preparation or Casual approach in the paper. It is recommended that you make radical changes in your preparation strategy. An ideal thing would be to get a mentor or a senior to guide you. It will be good if you can get in touch with some seniors who have appeared for the Interview or cleared Mains more than twice or thrice and seek guidance. Less than 60 marks is not a good score.

The Good news is that in the next 4 months, you have ample time to prepare and it is studying in these last months that makes all the difference. In these months a lot of people will work hard and improve their ranks. Similarly, people with good scores will get lax and not revise and may get behind. The next  4 months is the churning period and will be game changer.

If you are busy preparing optionals, or doing anything else, please start preparing General Studies seriously.

5) Those who scored 30-50 marks with zero preparation.

Getting 40-50 marks  without much studies is not a consolation at all. The feeling that I have got 40-50 marks , so I am doing well and I will top the exam if I study hard  is a very common feeling among those who see UPSC paper the first time. You gotta study hard now itself.


Even in UPSC paper, 30-40 marks or 15-20 questions can be done without any preparation. It is not the right attitude. You will have to learn to score above the majority score.
7. Please go through each question carefully and prepare all those chapters from which questions have been asked. If a question has been asked from President, read the whole President chapter well so that next time any question that comes from President Topic, you should be able to solve it.

8. If you are interested in evaluating yourself before UPSC evaluates you, you can join our Test Series by clicking here.

9. Personal Discussion for Test Takers in ORN. For those of you who would like to personally discuss your paper/performance at ORN on Sunday , on how you can improve, please email Ravi, and he can schedule you an appointment with the Team on Sunday. Only do this if you are not able to clear Prelims before and are not able to figure out what is going wrong.

9. Classroom Test Takers – The score of classroom test takers has not been good. We expect classroom test takers to take tests more seriously.

Writing the test with 110% concentration and energy can increase your scores by upto 20% with the same level of preparation. Also writing the Test with half heartedness does not reflect your true potential. It also builds a personal culture of under-performance, which becomes a matter of habit.

Please give it your best , even if it is a FREE Test. Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well.

The Server, software, energy , paper cost , rent of classroom and effort may be ours, but ultimately the two hours is time taken from your life. Respect your time.

Note: We are aware of some subjectivity in the Paper. Simulator Tests are designed to simulator the actual exam. We would like to tell you that such subjectivity will remain both in our Paper as well as UPSC. Also some of our Test Paper setters are 62+ year old Govt exam test setters, and we respect the Question setters that work with us to give you this experience.


Please email Ravi ( ) for any queries or support.

Once again, we apologise if there have been any errors in scores, marks, answer keys etc.  We have tried to do our best. We hope you enjoyed writing this mock with us.

Wishing you Success,


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    Sir; what about today’s quiz and solutions for last day quiz. Haven’t u posted those ?