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Say Hello to ForumIAS Issue Debates

Starting Today, We are going to have Issue Debates around Issues of National & International Importance.

The idea behind Issue debates is that Communities such as ours should go beyond the the social connect that we already provide to IAS aspirants across the country – We should guide and direct the nature of discussions towards the purpose which has brought us together in the first place- Preparing for the Civil Services Examination

More than 60 out of of 100 Top Rankers in CSE 2014 are verified ForumIAS  users, and this brings upon us the responsibility of guiding and directing the course of discussions that take place on the Forum.

Everyday, Issue Debate will come up with questions on issues that are related to the Examination Process – The Mains Examination.

Issue Debates will cover hundreds of issues over a period of time, and will be highly focused on the upcoming Mains Examination.

Covering All Issue debates will ensure that candidates for the Mains examination would have covered a very significant part of their Current Affairs syllabus and would have covered most issues concerning the examination.

Peer Review: Members of the ForumIAS Can review answers and add more angles to the Issue.

Frequency : Issue Debates will be posted Everyday

Who can benefit from Issue Debates?
Issue debates will focus on issues that are important for the Mains Examination. Hence candidates appearing for Mains 2015 and 2016 will both benefit from it. Issues are not merely temporal in nature, but span over a significant period of time.

Discussing various aspects of issues helps in gaining a wider perspective of the issue and would be helpful in forming opinions that could hugely benefit aspirants, in their journey towards Civil Services. For newcomers, it will also help in identifying the issues that need to be prepared for the Exam.

Issue Debates 

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