NSSO Report 70th Round – Situation Assessment Survey of Agricultural Households in India

I have listed down the highlights of NSSO Report. It is a useful data-set – status of agricultural households, their diversifying income sources, access to financial products etc. You need not remember the figures. You need to get an idea, what the situation is.

Household type – Rural India has an estimated 90.2 million agricultural households— about 57.8% of the total estimated rural households in the country. An agricultural household was defined in the survey as a household receiving value of produce of more than Rs.3,000 from agriculture with at least one member self-employed in farming. What does this mean ? Around 58% of rural households are involved in agricultural activities. 40% make a living out of non-farming economic activities.Under the Census, any area not urban is deemed to be rural. What does this indicate? Farm sector’s share to GDP might keep falling even though rural area will have less of agriculture.