The inspiring story of Suharsha Bhagat – 5th Attempt and 5th Rank

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The inspiring story of Suharsha Bhagat – 5th Attempt and 5th Rank


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  • Lokmanya

    Thank you
    Very informative.

  • Ola

    many congratulations

  • Yogesh Bhatt

    I have heard him in Chankya session and same he shared there also. I must say he has lion heart to stick 5 times with same goal. I specially liked his “dirty work” concept and that I tired myself and it is really wonderful. Dhanywad Sahab.

  • dabzstellar

    Nice Post

  • Vishal

    Great inspiration sir

  • eugeneonegin

    nice approach sir

    thank you for sharing these gems

  • dhamu

    Thank you sir , feel good after a long time

  • Tapojay

    This is what it takes to be a public policy maker……..we all have ability but what we utterly lack is self-belief and courage….congratulations Sir…….may you achieve for the country what you have dreamt of

  • shubh1

    First time reading a book should also practice test after a week on the topic?

  • Falak


  • tributetoambedkar


  • Jai Raj1

    Thanks you very much for this post..

  • challenge2015


  • Skbjalalpur

    Thanks a lot …

  • Vicky

    Really Inspirational. Thank you sir.

  • TinTin

    Thanks. Practical and down to earth suggestions. Indeed helpful.

  • aditya_ias21

    Hello Sir, you mentioned 10 page material (or maal :P) on Geographical Thinkers on your Vision IAS video which proved to be very helpful for you?

    Could you please suggest the source. It’d be very helpful for us! 🙂

  • Ravi Bhandari

    Thank you. I am sure some tips are going to help me a lot.

  • boethius

    Simple, no-nonsense tips..thanks a lot Mr.Suharsha..wishing you all success ahead

  • nisyad90

    Very nicely and humbly written without being overflowing. Congratulations Sir.

  • Karan sharma

    Story is inspirational though, but plz emphasize more on strategy part for exam…

  • Karan sharma

    Story is inspirational though, but Plz emphasize more on strategy part

  • Ratatouille


  • Kk53775

    facile guidance…
    thank you suharsha bhagath…

  • Street_Fighter

    Really motivating sir. Will help the less mortals like me keep pushing hard and keep going. Thank you so much and all the very best for future endeavors.