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How to Start a discussion or ask a question on ForumIAS?

If you have been following ForumIAS .com/Discussions as a silent observer, a time may come when you would like to ask a question or start a new discussion. This article will try to explain to you how to Start a discussion on What you will need An Internet enabled device with active Internet connectionRead Full Article

How to create an account with ForumIAS?

You have been observing for sometime now. Or maybe you have just arrived. Something tells you, you want to join the discussion, participate, share, or just say Thanks. Your guess is – I will need to sign up for this. But I don’t see where to create an account. This post will show youRead Full Article

Hello world!

If you are reading this, you have probably followed us through Chances are you, you have used ForumIAS. And you have probably loved it. was founded in January 2012 with a small userbase of 5 people. When we started out, we wanted to create something where IAS aspirants could interact. Back then, weRead Full Article

ForumIAS HTML code cheatsheet

You may find this document useful in case you are a content writer for Apart from standard HTML ForumIAS Platform – both Home and /discussions supports the code given below to create kickass content. <strong>Some text here</strong> Output: Some Text Here <s>Some text here</s> Output: Some Text Here <div class=”content-box-green”>Some text here</div> Output: SomeRead Full Article