UPPSC Prelims 2016 – Cut off

UPPSC Prelims 2016 Cut Off

Hi All,

We conducted a survey for the expected cut off for UPPSC Prelims 2016.

This graph shows the scores submitted by candidates on the basis of



As per the graph above, maximum candidates have scored between 130-140.

The expected cut off, could be expected to a few marks higher than the range in which maximum students have scored.

Hence, the expected cut off could be at least in the range of 140-145. This means that net number of correct questions required would be at least 105+

  • Note that in absence of a larger sample set this is merely an estimate.
  • This also does not account for those students who fail in CSAT paper  may not be considered by the Commission
  • This also does not account for Reservation Category of the aspirants.
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