UPSC IAS Prelims 2017 Online Test Series

upsc ias online test series mains and prelims

ForumIAS Simulator Tests Commence from April 2 – Last Batch for Prelims . Download Test Plan | Pay For Online Test Series | Pay for Classroom Test Series

Online Prelims Test Series Batch
Enrolment Link

Prelims 2017 Test Series – Batch 5 – February 5 – Online
Rs. 4200

Prelims 2017 Test Series – Batch 3 – December 11 – Online
Rs. 5980

Prelims 2017 Test Series – Batch 4 – January 8 – Online
Rs. 5980


Classroom Prelims Test Series Batch
Enrollment Link

Prelims 2017 Test Series – Batch 5 – February 5 – Offline
Rs. 6900

Prelims 2017 Test Series – Batch 3 – December 11 – Offline / Classroom
Rs. 9500

Prelims 2017 Test Series – Batch 4 – January 8 – Offline / Classroom
Rs. 9500

About our Prelims Test Series 2016

ForumIAS conducted a Prelims Test Series consisting of 8 Simulator Tests and 4 Sectional Tests in February 2016.
The Test Series was enrolled by 2200+ candidates. 5700+ Candidates participated in the Open Test Conducted under the Test Series.
In April, we allowed students to take Tests in a physical Test Center in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

Pros & Cons of Our 2016 Prelims Test Series Based on Your Feedback

Merits of the Simulator Tests Deficiencies in the Simulator Tests
Questions Quality closest to that with the actual Examination as far as possible Question Paper on the tougher side
Beneficial for Experienced Candidates/Interview Appeared/ Allied Services Candidates May not have been helpful to unprepared Candidates or absolute beginners
Beneficial for Candidates who have already prepared well
Helpful in development of problem solving skills and elimination techniques required for the exam
Not so helpful in in developing Knowledge Base
Crisp Solutions providing little information beyond what is asked in the question
Answers not suitable for Revision

We will be tackling deficiencies mentioned above in our restructured & redesigned Test Series for Prelims 2017 without compromising on the quality of questions offered.

Goal/Objectives of the Prelims 2017 Test Series

The Goal of the Prelims 2017 is to take you through the full journey of preparation from a fresher to a successful candidate.
The Prelims 2017 Test Series has a unique three tier Testing system that ensures
You build your basics well
You revise the syllabus at least three times
The Civil Services Preliminary Examination, unlike other Government Sector Exams does not have questions merely stating facts and choosing the correct options.
The Prelims Paper requires problem both

  • Knowledge base ( KB), as well as
  • Problem solving skills, eliminating wrong options, decision making skills on what questions to leave and what to solve.

While Knowledge Base can be developed by reading standard books, the latter – problem solving skills, elimination skills and decision making comes with practising previous years papers and solving high quality simulator Test papers.


LEVEL Most Helpful For Goal
( 10 Tests Based on Basic Books )
Those who want to check basics
Freshers Friendly
Candidates who have failed to clear Prelims before.
  • To help develop the Knowledge Base of the Test Taker
  • To exhaustively cover the full syllabus via questions
  • Self Assessment if the Test Taker has studied the basic text or not based on test performance.
  • To provide solutions that can be helpful for revision before the exam

( 6 Sectional Tests – Subject wise )

Beginners with some preparation
People who have appeared for Prelims before and completed Basic Books
  • To develop problem solving skills and aptitude development
  • To provide the learning curve from solving elementary problems based on book text to solving questions not found in books, but solvable on the basis of KB
  • To provide full second revision of the entire syllabus covered under Level 1

( 8 Powerful GS Simulator Tests + 4 CSAT Tests )

Everyone appearing for Prelims 2017
  • To evaluate test takers problem solving skills and decision making skills in answering questions
  • To provide an All India Ranking and timely assessment of their standing in the examination vis-a-vis competition at a National Level.
  • To allow test takers to take corrective measures while there is still time
  • To provide a full third and final revision before the Prelims Examination

Note: While Level 1 Tests will be useful for Freshers and focus on basics, the papers will require preparation and coverage of syllabus as specified

CLASSROOM / Offline Test Series

As long as the exam is offline, it is most recommended to take the examination in a classroom. On your request, we have set up a ForumIAS Test Center in Old Rajinder Nagar.
You can write the Tests at our Test Center on the designated days.
Our Test Center is Located at – Guidance IAS, Opposite Popular Juice, Bada Bazaar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.
( Any change in Test Center will be communicated to you )
The Test Center also offers the benefits of interacting with ForumIAS Team Members with you can have a discussion of your test performance and preparation strategy.
It is recommended that you join as early as possible, since we met a lot of students who approached us in July for Preparation for Prelims 2016.
As much as we wanted, we could not help them simply because precious time was lost by them.Note : Offline Students can write Tests online as well, but Online Students cannot write Tests at the Test Center. In case you want to write Tests at the Center, please choose the Offline Course Only.Migration from online to offline will be applicable only on the FULL payment of the difference between online and classroom fees without applicability of any early bird offer

Enrollment Process

  1. After making the payment, you will receive an email confirmation from Instamojo. Please keep it safely with you.
  1. We will email you Test Portal Credentials as well as Login ID and Password on or before August 20.
  1. This program will be valid till June 3, 2017.
  1. For any queries, please reach us at or . Alternatively you can call us at +91-9818776583 or at +91-9958011485
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    India’s largest IAS Test Series for Civil Services Preliminary examination 2017 with thousands of test takers all over India is once again being announced by Chanakya IAS Academy.

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