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UPSC Interview Transcript: Shilpi(IRS IT), 20th March 2017

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We will post UPSC Interview Transcripts regularly under the Interview Preparation Initiative.

Why Interview Transcripts?

  • These transcripts are just a collection of UPSC Interview experiences from different candidates.
  • The purpose of these transcripts is to provide individual experience and how they faced the board.
  • In a way, it affects the way candidates are understood, the information they share, and the conclusions drawn.
  • You’ll be able to identify the constraints and opportunities before you when facing the interview board.
  • Though providing transcripts, which is a behind a scene task, the aim is to provide a valuable input that you are looking for that you are hesitant to ask someone.
  • It might help to re-evaluate your approach , and take a look at what really needs to be done.


Air Marshal Ajit Bhonsle
Math grad.
Yoga and Crime Dramas

Note: Read Shilpi’s Previous Article on her Preparation Strategy 



Interview questions:

1. Women empowerment: do u think we’re living in an era where a lot has been done about women empowerment?
2. What’s abstract algebra? Which side do u lie on?

1. Mathematics – do u think abstract algebra can survive?
2. What’s the philosophy of mathematics?

1. Rape law in India – have we made it extremely strong?

2. Women are not going to women – only police station. Why!

problem of Ggn, if you’re made administrator , what would u do?

1. indirect taxes- what all taxes are subsumed in it? What all happened in gst meeting two days ago? What other things would need to be done to operationalise gst?


1. Bada lamba question hai so brace yourself: recently i saw an advertisement​ where a tobacco farmer was appealing to govt to do something about his condition as d market is flooded with foreign tobacco products. Also the govt is losing out on revenue due to it. As a revenue officer what do you suggest?

2.What do u like about crime dramas the most?
3. Which is the biggest problem you’ve solved?


Don’t know how long it was, but they were looking at the clock continuously. Two members were all smiling while other two others were not. Chairperson was stoic.
Overall can’t say, there was fumbling as well as some extra confident moments. But I kept smiling despite whatever!




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