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Prelims Capsule – UPSC Study Material for Prelims and Mains

UPSC Study Material for Prelims & Mains - Prelims Capsule

Prelims Capsule contains important notes for UPSC Prelims preparation. Follow this page regularly for updates. Go through our Capsules and prepare well.

General studies is very important to crack UPSC Civil services Prelims. The trick to master General studies is to prepare smartly. One needs to understand the basic concepts, instead of mugging up facts. Also, try to make notes of important points. The best strategy would be to study, revise and repeat the process.

Read all Prelims Capsules below:

Prelims Capsule : April 2017

Prelims Capsule : March 2017

Prelims Capsule : Feb 2017





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  • Shweta

    Sir/Ma’am, Please update them as per 2019… the schemes particularly

  • robins raj

    thanks alot guys for such detailed and consolidated material

  • Narayanan Ravindranathan

    forum IAS ;
    can I get basic notes on to prepare for the test series;

    Mental Ability : Plus two level
    History : Plus two level
    Geography : Plus two level
    Physics : Plus two level
    Chemistry : Plus two level
    Economics : Plus two level
    Biology : Plus two level
    Political Science : Plus two level
    Law (Basics)

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    Thanks Kapil 🙂

  • Blinks

    Hello forum ias

    Pls upload future capsules and give me the link for previous capsules.. I can see here only 2 pages and 20 capsules

  • Blinks

    Hello forum ias

    Whr can i get archives of prelims capsules??
    I can see only 2 pages here and only 10 capsules ..

  • Mr robot

    Sir how to download forums current affairs compilations

  • Prakhar Srivastava

    forum IAS … any compilations on tribes of india ??????

  • kapil

    nice initiative guys

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  • Parth Tarsariya

    If possible, there must be proper plan regarding what area you will cover and in what sequence so that we can also revise the same thing in proper way like timetable of prelim capsule which is mostly static. Thanks for 1 more initiative.

  • Shr_1

    Thankyou Forumias….

  • Thanks you 🙂

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  • Saari ratne wali chije upload kar do please … faaltu chije ratne se bach jayenge ham log 😀