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Weekly Important Articles Initiative

Weekly important articles relevant to UPSC Civil services preparation - News - Daily news - Business News

Weekly Important Articles is an Initiative started by ForumIAS to cover important issues relevant to UPSC Civil services preparation.

Weekly Compilation of Important Articles will cover key current Affairs issues. It will analyze the important current affairs topics and issues of the week. We will try to keep all issues meaningful and relevant to the examination.

Our Editorial team would try to make preparation easier for you by presenting the analysis of important issues in a concise form. This will help you save time and identify the useful articles

Frequency: Once a week.

We recommend you to go through one newspaper daily.

Weekly Important Articles List:

Weekly Important Articles- April 

Weekly Important Articles- March



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  • Blinks

    Hello forum ias

    Where can i get archives of weekly important articles for Jan 2017 and older ones

  • Aasan_Hain

    Hello @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus team.. i am looking forward to all good initiatives started by u..
    with this new one.. can u provide few topics from syllabus and article/note covering ..
    GST : nw this is settled one
    NFSA: all states are in
    Sports: Indian performances..

    reading bits and collecting things over 2-3 mnths fr the same issues wil take time..
    if u can help in them 🙂

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks man!

  • ForumIAS


  • Hrangkekuala

    One of the best initiatives,would be a dream come true if you could give monthly initiative as well so as to trim down the most important current issue to just 15-20;thank you so much @forumias,i hope and wish to pay you back for something you’ve given me and most of the aspirant;”what you give you get back” 😉

  • Aki333

    Right emperor ..Forum IAS thank you so much..


    Thank you @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus its an amazing initiative 🙂

  • anant singh

    Thank you we believe in you

  • ForumIAS

    Sure Anant. It will come 🙂

  • anant singh

    Y you have closed 9pm brief initiative??you are the only source for rural area student like us..plz started