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What do you mean by child labor? Discuss the role of International Labour Organisation in eradacting child labor.

What do you mean by child labor? Discuss the role of International Labour Organisation in eradacting child labor. (GS 2)

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  • ForumIAS

    good answer..

  • ForumIAS

    Content is good but presentation needs to be improved..More points can be included like examples where ILO has been successful..

  • Snowflake

    Well written!

  • raktim

    Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood,interferes with their ability to attend school,and that is physically,mentally,socially,morally dangerous and harmful and exploitive in nature.

    International labour organisation was founded in 1919 to eliminate child labour in any form.Member countries ratifies ILO conventions and make legislation or put severe restriction to implement convention’s decision.The roles of ILO in eradacting child labour are
    -it fixes the basic minimum age for work which should not be below the age of15 years.
    -it defines hazardous work and fixes the age of doing it,and that is 18.
    -it also fixes the age of children to do light work, which does not threaten their health and hinder their education.
    -it is a global platform and played an important role to eliminate this menace globally.

    As a founding member of ILo India ratifies 45 conventions and out of this 42 conventions are in operation.recently India ratified two of ilo conventions -to end the worst form of child labour and to ensure minimum basic education to children.india show its positive approach towards child labour by ratify ilo convention but it needs to make proper policies to eliminate child labour.

  • Bin2Boon

    When a child indulge in the workforce below a certain age prescribed in the country then it is termed as child labour.
    In India, child labour is considered as henious crime as it is against the other form of development like educational, psychological, etc.
    Recently, India has joined International Labour Organization (ILO) guidelines to eradicate thuis menace which is a good nice in the following ways:

    1. It’ll provide a global level platform to curb child level where participating nations will have to abide a single law.
    2. Proper coordination and contribution of countries to shut it down at the global level.
    3. Sensitive countries will be benefitted.

    Apart from that we need to work on our national policies which gas some loopholes.
    Such as, Child Labour (prevention and regulations) Act, 2016- which allows the child to work in the family business. Here, we need ro pay attention that family business may be harmful e.g. bangle factory etc.

    Joining ILO convention to eradicate child labour is a good practice but we need to work on our policies also.