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Why is ISRO’s South Asia satellite not a technological breakthrough, but diplomatically very significant. Give reasons.

Why is ISRO’s South Asia satellite not a technological breakthrough, but diplomatically very significant. Give reasons. (GS 3)

इसरो की दक्षिण एशिया उपग्रह एक तकनीकी सफलता नही है, लेकिन कूटनीतिक रूप से बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है। कारण दीजिये।

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  • ForumIAS

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    Sir , I have just started for 2018 what do I do to improve my writing ?

  • BlueOxygeN

    Agreed…I read in some article that DTH will promote cultural integration but was not explained further…so I assumed Indian prog will be aired there…but if that’s not the case then its irrelevant argument in this qu…thanks for the review 🙂

  • shaktialive

    yes ,,, what i intended is : point 1 and 2 leads to point 3 …i should have used ‘thus’ in place if ‘it’ ….
    thanks for review 🙂


    point 1 and 2…. they are its uses, not diplomatic significance. I think u should prioritise ur points in such answers


    Cultural integration is not happening through DTH… because indian shows wont be aired.. their own shows will be aired. Points that u made here are correct but the choice of words that u made are not so appropriate. That’s what he tried to point out

  • BlueOxygeN

    I didn’t get it…..I wrote about how satellite will help in diplomacy only..
    1. satellite help in education/health/economy -> goodwill for India -> better relations
    2. Goodwill counters Chinese presence
    3. DTH -> cultural integration ; better people to people contact -> better diplomacy….like Modi interacting with Chinese people on Weibo…that is sort of diplomacy..isnt it?
    4. Not very specific to satellite…i agree…still mentioned it just to write something from article.

    I am assessing it wrong? what else could I have mentioned or changed to show more specific diplomatic significance?

    Kindly respond.

  • Joy B+ve

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  • ForumIAS

    Good answer…But the first part could have a better structure..

  • ForumIAS

    The question is not about the satellite per say but it’s diplomatic significance than the technological prowess.. Please focus on that..

  • ForumIAS

    Introduction could be better..More focus on diplomatic significance is needed…Rest is good..

  • ForumIAS

    Focus more on how this satellite is of diplomatic significance…Rest is good..

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    Excellent answer..

  • shaktialive

    ISRO’s South Asia Satellite has a distinctive feature .It is the first satellite launched by a nation to facilitate neighboring nations and strengthening regional cooperation .India has launched it and its beneficiaries include Afghanistan , Bangladesh Bhutan Maldives and SriLanka.

    It uses GAST09 and its technological features already used in many other satellite operations .Its feat lies in nations which will be a step closer and truly fulfilling SAARC promise .

    1) Its features include tele-medicine tele-education , land resource mapping ,disaster relief and tele communication.
    2) It will be helpful in connecting hinterlands where terrains are difficult or full connectivity is not established .
    3) It will help in building grated confidence in regional cooperation , bilateral and multi lateral coordination
    4) Achieving in the given time frame , it will be one of the fastest projecte implemented , reinforcing India’s intent and reviving the relevance of SAARC.
    5) India has been using its soft power at Geo political level and this launch has proved another innovative way .

    This diplomatic binding will go in long run and open gates for future where technology and science can play the role of connecting nations .

  • BlueOxygeN

    Recently launched South Asia satellite is a communication
    satellite aimed to provide communication, DTH, Disaster management, tele
    education and tele healthcare services to SAARC countries except Pakistan which
    opted out.

    Not a technological breakthrough: India has already
    launched various communication satellites in form of its GSAT series which
    perform all the above mentioned functions.

    Diplomatic significance:

    1. With this India will be able to provide education
    and health services to remote areas like hilly regions of Nepal and Bhutan.
    Resource mapping to tap natural resource in the region will give an impetus to
    the economy of South Asian countries. Such help will create goodwill for India
    in the region and improve bilateral relations.

    2. Such kind of technological aid to improve
    socio-economic conditions of the region will help India to counter Chinese presence.

    3. India is already using technology to build
    cultural contacts with neighbors. Ex – Akashvani Maitree radio channel for
    Bangladesh. TH service provided by satellite will boost cultural exchange which
    is a cornerstone of any diplomatic relations.

    4. This satellite launch along with Chandrayaan,
    Mangalyaan showcase India’s technological prowess. This soft power can be
    reaped to maintain diplomatic relations with Developed countries on equal

    Technologies are meant to help human cause and what better
    way to utilize them than to improve relations
    with nations.

  • agirl

    ISRO’s South Asia Satellite build by India and launched on may 5th, 2017 was announced by PM Modi in the 18th SAARC summit in 2014 in Nepal for all its members (Pakistan left it in 2016).

    It is a geostationary satellite with 12ku transponders, has open access to all its members and will be chiefly used for communication and disaster management purposes. So technologically being similar to the previous satellites made by ISRO.

    While diplomatically it can be seen as a very significant step by India in strengthening its ties with the immediate neighbors and towards realising its vision of development of the whole region. It also shows India’s:
    1) technological prowess
    Though it is similar to the previous satellites in technology but launching a satellite in such less time period shows ISRO’s expertise.
    2) more confident and assertive position
    ‘Gifting’ a satellite shows India’s confidence on its technology and it’s capabilities which will help ISRO to broaden is market base too.
    3) technological commons
    This not only shows India’s willingness to keep peace and harmony in the region but also it’s capability to be the torch bearer in the field of technology too by integrating the countries through a ‘technological common’ space.

    With the increasing importance of technology in the areas of both hard and soft powers, techno-diplomacy especially in civil technology has become important in pursuing and maintaining the international relations. Therefore well thought out projects like this will not only boost India’s diplomatic ties but will also help in the socio-economic development of the region.


    The launching of the SAARC satellite as a gift for neighbours has displayed the enlightened self interests of India towards its “neighbourhood first policy”.
    The satellite has common features such as resource mapping , Internet connectivity transponders and navigation system which are not actually path breaking yet can become a very useful tool for the smaller countries like Bhutan , Nepal , Afghanistan and Bangladesh which are technologically backward with a difficult topography. This satellite allows them to enhance their socio economic development.
    That being said, it is an important achievement in the diplomatic arena since the “simple” SAARC satellite fetches far sighted diplomatic gains in the long run in many ways.
    1)It showcases the Indian technological simplicity with low budget and high quality equipment thereby enhancing its soft power.
    2)Technology commoners like common satellite can enhance knowledge sharing to tackle terrorism and Human traffiking .
    3)India can counter the one belt one road policy and thaw the closeness of China with India’s neighbours through timely “gifts” like common satellites.
    4)It acts as a confidence building measure and allows a closer diplomatic contact.

    Technology sharing is one part of the diplomatic ties that can enhance the closeness of India’s neighbours, However in the long run India has to enhance its economic strength and create sustainable economic eco system on the lines of One belt One road – to enhance mutual economic growth and development.

  • Joy B+ve
  • username_copied

    South Asia satellite which is to launch on 5th May 2017 , is the gift to India for its neighbors excluding Pakistan. Although there is not much of technological breakthrough the its diplomatic significance is as follows

    1. It showcases India’s technological expertise
    2. It is been done with our Prime minister motto of “sab ka sath sab ka vikas” and without any return of favor from any of the neighboring countries.
    3.India’s ambition and capability to create what can be termed “technological commons”. Building such commons is essential not only to address immediate problems but also spur research, innovation and economic growth in the region.