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Civil Services Mains 2020 Results: In or Out ? Way ahead, gratitude and Pain

Out. Guys, I need some advice. This was my first attempt and first mains. I somehow managed to slog and clear prelims but soon after I realized how grossly underprepared I was for mains. Except my optional I did not have any notes whatsoever, no multiple revisions and no writing practice. Consequently my performance in GS was very bad and in my optional Maths I did decent but scaling did me down I guess. I am considering skipping this year, ramp up my revisions and prepare topical notes. Have any of you skipped an attempt before? Your experience and advice would be appreciated. Thank You.

@Neyawn please guide. Also I am thinking of using MGP as a map for my gs prep, comments?

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@Jack__Sparrow  please take note.

Everything was predictable in the final episode. But still, enjoyed it very much!

Didnt people expect like me that the "hero" will be united with the "heroine" Well that was unexpected!

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is forum also a social media intermediary, if so who's the grievance officer here. and what are you doing to comply with indian press act 1910... sorry i mean intermediary rules 2021.

Also the coaching industry comes produces a lot of current affairs content, so that would mean you will also be treated as digital news media now, right?

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I will give that an LOL :P

We have been under scrutiny as Social Media since 2012. Received the first notice from Sahara Group, when a prominent user was explaining money laundering. We comply with the law as and when legal requirements arise.

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Not sure if this is the right place but I have heard a lot about@AzadHindFauz 's answers. 

Can I get to see them from someplace ? 

Please help me get into the list somehow. I'll come over to your place and deliver them myself. 

Jokes apart, my answers wouldn't help you much. There are a lot of great copies on the internet. Many of us have learned from such lot. 

Chaaa gye guru log to selection se phle hi copy maang rhe h 😅😅

But soon you will be on list even with a top 💯 rank best wishes with you 

Please let us avoid giving ranks to fellow aspirants :) Puts a lot of pressure. Hope you understand !


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