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Countdown to Mains + Making the most of last days

Is there still time to make any kind of dirty notes ?

Havent made much notes 

Write down 10-15 topics which you think are imp for this year Mains. Just scribble half a page on each topic. If a question were to come, what would you write. This isnt 2015. You have to have 3/4/5 things on each topic that you deem relevant. And dont be overambitious and try to do it in a day. Do it like 2-3 hours in a day.  in 10 days, you will be somewhere.

Reading this wonderful post at 4 AM of morning 🌄.. Thanx 

I often write them at 4AM droopy eyes and absolute silence around me.  I just got these kickass halogen wala room heaters to ensure that I dont have trouble rising to do things I have to do. In North Indian winters.


Thanks for the post, @Neyawn

Do well \m/

Sir,how can I get your mentorship?please answer

You can always ask your questions and doubts here. You will benefit not only from mine but so many other people who have reached some level in the exam.

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