Official : Post Daily Routine & Self Assessment (Mains 2020)

@TabsAndChords 5 months and cold shower in Delhi's winter. Hats off bro. Thanks for sharing.
@Patootie thanks for sharing. 
One last question to both of you. Is this the right time to change given closeness of exam, or this experiment is meant for peace time. I'm asking this because I have heard for first 2 3 weeks or longer mind's rebound is quite strong and since you are spending so much will power in disciplining yourself, you're left little for your main activity I.e. study for exam. In psychology there is term for it "ego depletion"

First 45 days are quite difficult to resist urges . But after that it is smooth af. And yes, it takes lot of will power in starting . So for now its better not to go cold turkey . I would start again after prelims. For now i am just controlling it. 

Hmm. Control uday control approach till prelims for me as well.

Thanks for replying bro. 👍👍

Dude you are funny 😂 

Can someone say what is supposed to be a safe score with respect to full length tests? Im getting mixed results with Insights and Vision. Don't know what to make of it.

Gunther said

@NadanParinda @Agog @Bread_pizza @Dora-the_Explorer 

Hey people, I am a newbie here giving attempt in 2021. Couldn't clear prelims in 2018, had 4 months of preparation. 2021 is my second attempt. 

I can't decide Whether to go for PT mock tests and it's analysis every Sunday or should I only pick all the PT mocks like 2-3 months prior to Pre2021 only as most toppers say. 

I am a part of dipin sir's CA classes as well so it is becoming a little overwhelming for me to complete my targets on weekends. 

Any suggestion, learnings from your past attempts would be helpful here. 

Anyone please feel free to reply to this. 

Seeing your daily schedules here gives me a fillip to put in extra efforts daily and be more committed. All the best you all for pre 2020

"Ek raah tu pakad chala jayega madhushala"

I was also facing such dilemmas, and I think everyone who starts the preparation goes through the same.

What I did was, initially I completed NCERTs and mock tests based on them. Plus some MGP sectional Tests of GS 1 & 3.

Then from around November till February, focus shifted towards my Optional (test series).

Started Prelims exclusive preparation from March onwards (Should have started earlier). Attempted mock Tests subject wise. E.g, When I completed Modern History, attempted its tests from Forum and Vision.

Lockdown ke baad kya kya hua, even I don't remember. Gave some sfg Tests (community intiative). It proved most beneficial for me, because I was lost by then. 

Now I've decided to do reverse engineering. First I'll attempt test, then will fill my knowledge gap.

Only Final results will tell, if it worked for me or not. 

One more thing you can do is to inculcate the habit of reading books and writing journals daily. These help in many ways like fast reading, flow in thoughts or ideas, learn new ideas daily etc.

How I used to write my journal. (Although could not continue. But I'm thinking of counting again) 

All the best.

P.S- I suppose this is not the same Gunther. If it is, then I've to say something- "Don't go after Rachel. Bhaav nahi deti tumhe 😛"

Seriously, I wish someone had told me to start keeping a journal/diary/notebook, whatever you want to call it sooner. It doesn't has to be the traditional summarising your day and thoughts kind of thing (though, no problem with that too).

For me personally, writing down key ideas/quotes/facts or any other learning in a small notebook has created a tremendous difference - nothing exhaustive just a few pointers for a day, and maybe even nothing at times. Its all over the place, psychology, philosophy, literature, world history, economics, politics, etc. etc. Had I not written them down, they would eventually turn to smoke and drift away. 

What it has done overtime it has giving me kind of like a repository of knowledge (content?) which can be repurposed anywhere. It also helps with Mains, somehow. We'll see. But exam aside, it is definitely a habit I'm keeping for life.

@Naadan_Parinda I can’t say from experience (as I don’t have any) but if you’ve read that much for history, you can take comfort in the fact that you know more than most of us here, at least me for sure. Plus, haven’t we had plenty people make it through prelims without acing ancient history and art and culture.

You are definitely better off putting that much effort in polity, economics, environment. :)
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