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Doubt Clearance Thread: UPSC 2021

can anyone please explain NPPA(Pharma), Drug price control order and National list of essential medicines. How are they related to each other and which is under Health ministry and which is under Chemical ministry? Thank you

Can anyone suggest me a decent source to cover Mines and minerals act? As almost every coaching frame one question from it and no one is providing holistic coverage of act in solution. thank you
To some extent Score in mocks depends on our current affairs source. if we have covered current from that same institute, one can see the difference of 10-20 marks easily. in case of Forum I got 90-130 , in case of Rau it is 70-90, in case of Shankar it is 80-90. 

What does it mean: Now exclusive permit is provided ? can someone please explain?
Does anyone feel drained out going into the last week? How you guys are coping up?

Please put yourself in machine mode. Machine is devoid of emotions. Setup very small small targets,  may be for each hour . Last week is gamechanger. Utilise it to change the game in your favour.  Good luck 


can anyone explain difference in saturated vs non saturated and transfat.

Context : fssai and WHO initiatives

To everyone who appeared today : please do not read reviews about today’s paper on telegram etc. Prima facie most(who did not appear) will claim this was easiest paper in century if not in decades. 

Right now no one can decide it was easy or difficult. Definitely it was different. 

So have your lunch (light or else you will feel sleepy in CSAT, which could have some new pattern.) and relax sometime. Good luck for CSAT

In my classroom, the invigilator in the 2nd sitting while distributing answer sheets, didn't put answer sheets on empty benches but kept the question papers on them. Will that create some kind of issue? Any clue anyone?

(Also, no heart to check the answer keys if there is any - what a clusterbomb the paper was)

1st issue: nothing to worry,  the attendance sheet contains serial number of paper and OMR. UPSC know that such mistakes or negligence by invigilators are bound to happen as they are not trained for this work. 

15,16,19,29,30 are available to citizens only. Art. 19(1) (f) had right to property. after amendment it was shifted under Article 300A. So that amendment changed the scope as well?


what are the pros and cons of a single GST rate ?


  • single rate will be against the notion of progressive taxation.

  • As luxury and common items will be taxed at same rate. so this will further aggravate inequalities.

  • Revenue loss too as rate has to be moderate if it is common for all items, while in case of slabs higher tax rate(subsequently higher revenue) can be imposed. 

  • Ease of doing business
  • tax simplification
  • low cost of compliance
  • may increase firms in formal sector as various avoid formalization due to complicated rules and tax compliance. 
  • Can help in reducing illegal trade of certain items due to differental tax [items not covered under GST as of now]

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