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Ethics+ Classes for Mains 2021

Batch 3 | 28th March

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that ForumIAS is commencing with the third Batch of Ethics+ Module Classes for Civil Services Mains Examination 2021 from 28th March 2021.

The classes will have about 25+ sessions and will be in the online mode.

Candidates who are facing trouble with respect to content for GS 4 can take up this course.

Ethics+ Classes focus on the following aspects:

  • Complete & Comprehensive Coverage of Ethics Terms & Terminologies
  • Coverage of key issues and expected questions through Questions & Answers
  • Quality Note Making & Answer Writing

This Module will also include case studies.

Every Monday 4 – 5 classes will be provided which one must complete every week.
Saturdays will be delegated for LIVE doubt session.

For registration, visit:

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Wishing you Success,

ForumIAS Academy



Anyone have subscribed this batch,or any earlier batch

How u making the notes,the synoptic notes cannot be enough to write a ans

@RaillifeThe class handouts and lectures notes should be fused together. Once this is done you can add relevant material from Ethics Red Book or Vision's Value added material.

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