Harsh Vardhan inaugurates plant to convert plastic waste into diesel in Dehradun

The plant can convert one tonne of plastic waste into 800 litres of diesel every day

Using the technology, polyolefinic waste can be converted into diesel. This type of waste accounts for about 70 per cent of total plastic waste in the country and is the least bio-degradable.

The process is also environmentally friendly. IIP and GAIL have planned to roll out the technology nation-wide after six months of operation of the pilot plant.

Vardhan applauded scientists involved in developing the technology and noted that in 2018, he had witnessed the landing of a commercial flight with bio-jet fuel developed by IIP researchers. Of the two engines of the aircraft, one had the bio-jet fuel to an extent of 25 per cent.

He urged IIP and GAIL to scale up the technology to develop a 10 tonnes per day plant and offered to conduct experiment in Delhi to solve the menace of plastic waste in the capital.

Benefits: By producing diesel out of plastic waste on a large scale, the plant beside being a good step towards freedom from plastic also reduces India’s dependence on other countries for petroleum products.



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