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How many of you suffer from depression/negativity?

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@root @Neyawn Can we please ban such non-sensical idiots from the community?

@root @Neyawn can we have a “be respectful, be nice” policy like Reddit? 

These sort of comments which the user in question has been making for the past few weeks are of course irritating, gauging from the replies they have gotten, but it could be much worse. It could be doing irreparable harm to silent readers who are already going through difficult mental health phases. Given the state of awareness in our country, even such nonsensical comments can have a bad impact.

What happens is that a few of us end up replying to counter the points made. I’m sure we try to ignore it a few times and respond when it becomes unbearable at a certain point. One can always say “don’t feed the trolls, ignore them”, and that has its merits. But in this case someone has to step in because this person sometimes attacks people directly, at which point ignoring him is not a good choice. It is not pleasant for anyone to have to respond to him, but sometimes a response is necessary. If we had some moderation for this kind of stuff, this problem would be solved.

This harms not just the people the comments are directed at (though even that should be reason enough), but the peace of mind of everyone else as a whole. And that’s just speaking of mental health. The caste-baiting is a whole other issue. He brings up caste and reservation out of nowhere in a provocative manner. Surely in a country where we have laws punishing very similar utterances we need to be more careful and strict about such things. 

I am saying this because I care deeply about the wonderful people here. There are great users making a lot of valuable contribution - and some are being driven away by this kind of nonsense. If it were some ideological disagreement I would understand, but to lose the support system that forum, is just for the sake of such childish unnecessary comments, would be very sad. No one deserves to be mocked for sharing their stories, and no one deserves to have to waste their time and energy arguing with a troll. I am not asking for this just because I find it personally disagreeable, but because I think it is harming the whole of forum and its forumness.

What according to you should be the moderation policy? Right now when enough number of users report a comment, the profile gets banned. The ban is progressive in nature . Read here

For some reason, 10 people have not reported the comments, even if more number of people have reported it.


Everyone, how about we share the things that make the days we feel down, a little bit better? 


Can you not start a poll and discussion thread with that, and I can announce it?

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