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Ideapad : Lessons from Life and Observations

Hello All,

Starting this thread so that we can pen down our observations  from around us and what we have learnt from things around us.

Beginning with #1 

Pasted from a post from "Nitin K"

At the first glance, one may find more beauty in the trees that have not shed their leaves. However the ones that have, are only temporarily so. For the next year, their leaves will shine fresher and brighter than the ones that have not!

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I stopped at a stall to buy something to eat, the kid who came to hand me over the bhutta looked at the AC vent of my car and asked me about the thing which was there on it. It was the car perfume put on it. He opened the door and with joy said arey light on ho gayi. Looked like riding a car was like a dream for him. The life we are living is a dream life for many. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

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