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[Interview Transcripts] - Download Link + Discussions


@Neyawn Hav all the previous year interview scripts shared on the same blog been deleted?No more accessible!And m still waiting 4 the name blackbox mystery getting unshackled!!

Hang on, they gotta be there. If they were hosted on some dropbox, then we may have some missing links issues.

Do you have any blog links that show links not working. Someone must be having all the previous years transcripts somewhere. 


thanks@Neyawn  Sirji.

Go through the transcripts, you will get the idea of what type of questions are being asked. If you are having electrical etc you will get nearly similar questions. 

thanks. will try to make sense of it with serious look 2mrw. How to answer Qn like, "only preparring for cse all these years(4+)?? what a loser"
i'm sure this must b very common question!

You will know the answers eventually. They are not the worst questions to handle :)

Make a word doc, evernote or an excel / Google sheets file with expected questions first. Then you will start to get the answers,

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