Join GS Advanced Program for Mains 2023 | Batch-3 | Program starts 9th June 2023 - ForumIAS

Join GS Advanced Program for Mains 2023 | Batch-3 | Program starts 9th June 2023

Open Orientation session on GS Advanced Program 2023 | Batch- 3 | 7th June 5 PM
Dear Aspirants,

We are excited to announce the launch of our 3rd Batch of GS Advanced Program (GSAP) 2023 starting from 9th June 2023 in both Online and Offline mode.  The GSAP is a mentor-guided mains-specific classroom based program designed to enhance your mains preparation.

Here are some of the key features of the program:
  • Time-bound coverage of CSE Mains syllabus through Content Building Classes
  • Classes focused on CSE Mains issues rather than Prelims concepts
  • Consolidated notes and content for CSE Mains topics to save time in content gathering
  • Current Affairs classes by Dipin Sir to substantiate preparation with the latest updates
  • Content Building Tests before every class to ensure daily revision and answer writing practice
  • A customized MGP for GSAP students to complete the coverage of the concluded portions with MGP tests
  • Dedicated mentorship support for GSAP students to guide them at every step of the preparation

To learn more about the methodology and process adopted for GS Advanced Program, we invite you to join our  Open Orientation session on 7th June 2023 at 5 PM.  The Orientation session will be conducted in Offline Mode only, at ForumIAS Karol Bagh Centre.

To join the Open Orientation session, please register at

Pre-registration is mandatory to attend the session.

To know more about the program, please visit

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and make significant progress in your preparation.
Wishing You Success,
ForumIAS Academy


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Guys, I am really confused about all the different courses available here for mains and need your help. I did my foundation course from Vision (online mode) in 2021-22. This was my second attempt and I may not be able to clear prelims this year (82 and 85 in Paper1 and Paper2 respectively). So as Ayush Sir said in 5 June session, I wish to enroll for mains courses. However, there are so many courses, each with a confusing name - GSAP, MGP, MGP+, AWFG etc. I have understood what AWFG is and will surely enroll in it. However, what about MGP and GSAP? MGP has tests. GSAP has both lectures and tests. Is it necessary to join both MGP and GSAP? If I have done my foundation course once (in Vision), won't attending lectures in GSAP be a duplication of efforts? I was told on phone that if you join GSAP, there is no need to join MGP. However, Sir emphasized on joining GSAP in his 5 June interaction. Was this advise (of joining GSAP) for beginners who are just starting their preparation or also for those who might need to sit for prelims again? The info is available on the website but it is overwhelming to continuously switch b/w tabs and compare it. Can someone please help me out here? Please. I also have a small suggestion for ForumIAS faculties - the intentions behind all your courses are noble but they have become too much clumsy and cluttered. Please just make a table comparing similar courses for mains/prelims - what they would and would not cover, duration, start and end date, fee etc etc, and pin it everywhere. Currently it is like iPhone 10, iPhone 10X, iPhone 10S, iPhone 10 Max, iPhone 10Max Pro, iPhone 10 lite, iPhone 10 ultra, iPhone XR, iPhone XS. (Have never owned an iPhone kyonki main gareeb hoon so please don't mind if I named models which don't exist.
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