Lost Complete Momentum for the exam

so i have moved to my hometown amidst the coronavirus things. i thought it was a temporary arrangement. however, at home, there is no atmosphere of studies. people keep coming and going. i was writing sfgs also while in delhi, missed only two weeks because of interview.

now, i am not able to study at all. there is continuous doubt about postponement of prelims, and final result is also not going to come soon. some people are saying that result may be delcared after prelims also. in such a situation, how to keep the mind calm and keep studying?

also, what should i study now? i am having a feeling that given prelims will be postponed, can we have study optionals right now? my optional some parts have not been completed.

what are other kind souls on the forum doing?

Neyawn , Patrick_jane


How are you guys managing optional with prelims prep right now ?

Any insights 

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