[Official] Prelims Preparatory Classes (PPC) 2022 | 24th January | Enrol Now - ForumIAS

[Official] Prelims Preparatory Classes (PPC) 2022 | 24th January | Enrol Now

Prelims Preparatory Classes (PPC) 2022 | 24th January

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that we shall be commencing with the first batch of Prelims Preparatory Classes (PPC) 2022 from24th January 2022in Online mode.

PPC is a comprehensivePrelims focused classroom programthat ensures maximum coverage of Prelims syllabus in about50+ classes– so that you are ahead of the competition.

In these classes, you will go from the basics to know and learn advanced concepts, which will aid you in developing the knowledge base as well as the acumen to solve multiple-choice questions (MCQs) of the Civil Services Prelims Exam.

Keeping in mind the Prelims pattern of the past 5 years, including Prelims 2021, the Prelims Preparatory Classes (PPC) will ensure that enrolled candidates have a robust preparation and the much-needed conceptual clarity & competitive edge to clear Prelims 2022.

The Program consists of Content Building, Workbook and PYQ Analysis.

For registration and more details, visit  https://academy.forumias.com/ppc-2022



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