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Philosophy Optional Thread : 2021

I am also prepatring, but for 2022. Let me know if anyone is up for doubts or PYQ discussion.

I also think we can discuss doubts etc here only. I appeared with philosophy in mains 2020. But got less marks than expected. After going through Himanshu Gupta’s answers for paper 1, I think my main problem was lack of “content density” (or basically use of a lot of keywords). I also may not have fully addressed the demand of the question at some places. I couldn’t study philosophy for last few months for some reason. Now I am updating my notes with better content and trying to appear for tests regularly. Still have to figure out what went wrong in paper 2. 
@Aazaad Other than Patanjali notes, I referred to internet and books here and there wherever I felt a need. Did not cover any book cover to cover. This time, for paper 1, I am trying to supplement old material with content from plato.stanford, iep and extracts from primary texts wherever I feel that content or understanding is lacking. Haven't yet figured out a new strategy for paper 2.       

Can anyone explain how "intentionality" relates to Husserl's phenomenology? I understand that intentionality means that consciousness is always consciousness of something. But so what? How is this relevant to Husserl's phenomenological reduction?
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