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[Results] Prelims 2020 - IN or Out?

See! God is also not sure.:smiley: 

So, let's not predict anything. UPSC will be the final authority to decide.

May God bless us.:pray:


In this video, 16:00 minutes onwards, AIIMS doctor is saying that we haven't reached to peak yet. It might be towards the end of May or in June. So, exams are definitely going to be postponed.

Ye bhi ho sakta hai ki 2020 & 2021 combined exam ho next year (in February or March). And of course, Number of seats increase karke & age relaxation dete hue.  

If UPSC conducts this exam in the present situation, it's definitely going to be a huge issue, and will ultimately land in SC. To avoid this, UPSC can conduct exam in online mode, at centres in every district. That's the only way this can happen. Otherwise, it's definitely going to be postponed until next year, or until the situations are stable.

@Naadan_Parinda sarkar k paas paise n h ab naukri dene ko... Aur ab society me aane wale ek saal tak activities bhi limits me rahengi to sarkar ko govt employees ki jarurat bhi n h abhi... 

I think govt logo ko jarurat ke hisab se aur number of vacancies ke adhar par recruit karti hai. Number of employees in a department constant hi rahte honge. 


MarcusA said

had that been the case then universities +jee +neet would not have announced their dates....everyone is realising that we have to live with it...also 70 % of cases are asymptomatic( 70% chances that we are also affected) that doesn't mean that everyone will isolate themselves....  show must go on.

Civil services exams are not like those of CBSE and JEE. These exams can be conducted in every district, in every school, whether private or public. These are necessary to be conducted for starting the next session in colleges.


MarcusA said

@Naadan_Parinda upsc has aready discarded online proposal...also they have hinted towards holding exam this year only... ..also prelim is a 1-day affair ,if university exams can happen then this can too ....and  where will the buck stop...people are talking about 2nd wave , god forbid if there is a 3rd wave,would that mean permanent delay ? oc not ..govt has already realised that lockdown is not the solution  . by end of this month flights will start too... 
brace for prelims announcement by next month.

Fair arguments. Let's see. Fingers crossed.🤞


Jis raste pe hum chal rahe hai na, wo hai one way. Na reverse gear hai, na u-turn.

Aap zyada mat sochiye. Kyunki hum bhi nahi soch rahe hain.

~Mirzapur (Guddu Bhaiya)

On 15th August, everyone will be asked to sacrifice for the "Nation", and every restriction will be lifted. So, exam should be conducted after Independence day. 😊
Pad looooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;) 

Deja Vu. This happens 2 to 3 times in a day.


Mai tum sabse kehna chahta hu ki...

@Raillife Personally I don’t believe in making such short notes. It proves beneficial for many, but not for me. I import whole pdf or article, then highlight the important points. But again, I have different approach for different subjects.

1. Current Affairs: I import the whole Article in Evernote and then highlight the important stuffs.

2. Static subjects (more related to facts like polity): I make short notes. Then update them after attempting tests. (Updated notes in red colour)

3. Static Subjects (subjective type): Firstly, I copy the important lines from books or notes and then highlight important things.

@panbhi26967 I have allotted July month for mains (+optional) only. Will shift to pre in August, even if dates are uncertain by then.

@Raillife If you are talking about last one year, then I won't be able to answer. If you are comfortable with vision magazine (which I'm not), then you can cover that only. I personally cover daily newspaper, 9 pm brief and civilsdaily. Apart from these I had also joined Forumias Current Affairs classes (pre+ Mains).

@Villanelle Not completely paperless, but yes, most of it. Optional is mostly in physical paper form.
It is easy to copy-paste, underline, search and relate the topics when it is a soft copy.
I try to revise my notes before every test. And soft copy is not a big hurdle for me. Gradually I've got used to it.

@Samurai_jack I use iPad 6th gen and notability app.

@Raillife In this clarification document they have said that they'll cover every topic which are taught to November 2019 batch students. So, you can join.

I keep hearing a lot about old forum threads, and everyone getting nostalgic. Can you please elaborate how different was it? Can't it be revived?
"Winter is coming"

iskool said

I think app is not necessary. It can also be done with pen and paper.

For instance:

Scan Sep 15, 2020 (1).pdf

link not working!!

File size was large. Have shared the link. Is it working now?


iskool said

iskool said

I think app is not necessary. It can also be done with pen and paper.

For instance:

Scan Sep 15, 2020 (1).pdf

link not working!!

File size was large. Have shared the link. Is it working now?

Awesome bhai............ :) History ka bhi kuch aisa kiya ho to plz share........... 

I think polity was that much only ?

Actually, me and my friend had divided the chapters. But he didn't do it, that's why this much only. And couldn't continue this further for any other subject, as it was taking too much time.


I think app is not necessary. It can also be done with pen and paper.

For instance:

I do the same, but on Evernote. The edit feature allows me to refine the new knowledge I acquire and delete whatever becomes redundant with time.

I have kept my first note as a souvenir from the time I began the preparation in which I have mentioned that President is elected via an indirect election! :)

Paper notes become bulky with time and consolidating them is a herculean task! Evernote has made my life very easy :)

But, these fancy apps are still Hebrew to me!

I'm not proficient at typing. I need a pen and a paper or ipad and pencil.

Evernote is anyway great to organise and edit.


Thank you all for writing such good words. Needed at this time. I attempted Abhyas, and it was such a disaster. It felt like I had hit rock bottom. Even thought to skip this attempt (and focus on BPSC).

But now have decided not to attempt mocks anymore. I'll only revise my notes, sfg, PYQs and CA. 

I analysed my last attempt in retrospect. The major reason I could not clear Prelims was the under-confidence. 

Recently I re-attempted the last year's Question paper, in which I could easily cross the cutoff (that too without any revision). I could easily eliminate options and arrive at the right option.

In conclusion (to those who are new to me in this journey), UPSC is not testing one's knowledge. It only tests one's aptitude. Aptitude is built over time. If you think you were consistent in your studies, be assured that you'll be able to eliminate the wrong options.

How I'm going to approach the paper:

I'll divide paper into 4 subparts of 25 questions each. Then will keep count of the number of questions attempted in each section. How many were with 100% confidence, how many with 50% doubt, and complete tukka.

On an average, I Should be able to solve 12-15 questions with 100% surety in each section. 5-8 with 50% surety. And rest some calculated risk based on the level of toughness of the paper.

Rationale behind such approach is that the Prelims papers have become lengthy in recent times. So it's wise to divide the paper in subparts, to have clear idea about the number of attempts. Also, it will surely have some psychological effect and ease some burden off our minds.

P.S: This is not a tried and tested approach. It's just an alternate approach which I'm going to adopt. So, have discretion at your part.

P.P.S: "Yes, we can!"




Signing off. Will meet after Prelims.