The Strategy for first Attempt in CSE 2020

I am in college right now but i have comepleted GS syllabus(all topics except GS4) and made notes also .

I havent done my optional,i have read it once

I have planned to take optional coaching in june(2020) as my college will be up

before june 2020,i would have revised gs syllabus once more.

Now my delemma is this that after june i shoud join GS test series or follow daily answer writing practice as i have to do optional also.


#critically comment regarding my strategy

curious_kid , Neyawn


@leechongwei Good question dear :)


Hello, it is quite likely that you are focusing on the wrong problem that needs to be solved. Or perhaps needs to be solved at a later stage.

Answers to this will depend on

(a) what is your optional subject.

(b) What is your level of preparedness with respect to the papers you have mentioned above.

(c) Are you planning to write CSE 2020?

As a general thumb rule, I would advise you to do at least Paper 1 of your optional pretty well before the Prelims and take up a test series for GS and and finish at least 40-50% of your tests / syllabus before prelims, I am merely being realistic and not idealistic here.

Lastly, a lot will depend on your prelims preparation. If this is your first attempt, begin focusing on Prelims by Jan at least.

Thankyou sir for replying

i will be giving prelims in 2021

my optional will be PSIR

My level of preparedness is like i know that i have read it in this book but most probably i wont be able to recall

And what problem are u talking about?(please mention specifically if possible)

One Advice: Don't study like we do in our colleges(assuming how most of us study in college). Rather try to develop good, in-depth understanding. "Study", don't just read. I did this mistake and failed miserably in pre(2018) even after preparing for more than a year and regularly devoting time.

@leechongwei Then you have a good start. Make good notes for Mains. And give at least five months exclusively to Prelims.

And remember that I-wont-be-able-to-recall is a revision problem. Its a solvable one. Let me assure you that people who clear read the same thing again and again until they become extremely good at it. So those are some of the things you could keep in mind.

Thankyou so much @Neyawn for giving time

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