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Thread for positivity and gratitude

I still remember the beginning of my journey when I started it in april 2018. I started with nothing. 

Exactly two years after that, today when I look at my life. I have most of the happiness factors that I always desired for. Started with level 1 of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and today I'm at level 4. Raring to inch towards self-actualization. 

If I can do it, anyone can do it. Anyone  can turn their life around like a miracle and get all contentment and peace in their lives. 

They're so many thoughts I feel like sharing about self-image and Zig Ziglar. I'll keep sharing as we travel ahead in this thread. 

Let me end my day with immense gratitude towards each and every entity that made my life better. :)


Most of us think that we are healthy when we consciously know that we are physiologically and mentally fine as per standard medical diagnosis. 

But, there's something apart from that which significantly affects your life. It's about the image, belief and attitude you have about yourself in your mind. 

These things are so subtle that one may never even realize that they exist but they're so powerful that they can actually make huge difference in where you are in life and what you will achieve in life. 

Incorrect cognition about our own growth stories lead to false assumptions about our own personalities in our mind.

That's why, next time you call yourself dumb or mediocre or failure or loser. Just go back in time and see things again from a different perspective. You'll realise that your were as brave as anyone can be to handle that situation and your struggle was as common as anyone goes through. 

Failed in school? Don't worry. It was just those circumstances. Those marks don't determine your success in life, neither do they certify your calibre. Everyone fails at some point and you failed at this point. Don't call yourself loser or dumb or mediocre. It's a sin to undermine god's creation with such terms. You are as brilliant and fabulous as anyone with this wonderful thing called brain. It's super powerful. Just put it to use by changing your self image. It will work like a magical spell. 

Failed in relationships? Don't worry. Not everyone is the same and not everyone is bad. Don't go emotionally numb, don't start hating the world, don't start  to not trust in things. Forget it like a bad dream, take that leap of faith again and start that journey with immense optimism once again. Don't blame and mentally hurt yourself for one bad thing in your life. There are good things in life and good things will happen to you. Trust me, they will once you started working towards it. 

Just sit down, think about who you are.. discard everything that pulls you down and foster everything that pushes you forward. Do it on a daily basis and see your life changing towards better. 

Goodnight :)

@Mindgame as of now, I'm just writing here in my free time. The aspirants in the discuss forum platform loved and cared for me so much and through this thread i humbly wish to convey my gratitude to them through my posts. I just wish to spark a little bit of positive fire in all those lives who are currently struggling in their lives. 

And about reaching larger audience, it will happen in the future when things will fall in place for me. :) 


There's one thing we need to inculcate in our lives on a regular basis. That is to embrace difficulties with a wide smile and as an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. 

Our mind doesn't like stress. It likes the easy way out. Look into your past and think how many times have to resorted to "Escapism" when you were faced with an imminent hurdle. We need to consciously change this. 

We need to start doing good things no matter how difficult they are. We need to take a stand for ourselves. We need to be independent no matter how tough it is. We need to start enjoying the struggles and find the way to turn all of them into bright and successful stories. The sheer rush of conquering your fears one by one is what makes you fall in love with life. You'll feel liberated and you'll feel at peace. 

Next time you face a difficulty, don't escape. Hold your ground, look at it, think rationally and begin to solve the problem. Don't leave until you solve and conquer it. 

You'll never know how strong you are and you can be unless and until you put yourself into such situations where you can test, validate and modify your strengths. 

Goodnight folks. :) May we all be surrounded with peace and happiness.


Quite often do we see all the bad things happening around us and feel like the bad people get all the luxury in life. 

We often see the corrupt and mighty and think that they have such a happy life with richness, power and authority. 

And it's the reality in many cases too. Many corrupt people have the luxury. We can easily count 10 such examples in the next 10 seconds. 

But there's something here that we often overlook and don't realize until we see things at a deeper level. 

Once you're born as a human, you must strive to keep challenging yourself to realize the highest potential within you. And for that you need incessant and insane motivation. In order to be the best ever, you need that fire burning and raging inside you. And you get this by doing good things in life. No matter what the situation is, bad or good, tough or easy. When you be on the good side and keep doing good things, you just get crazy mad motivation in life to keep doing more and more better things which will ultimately take you to the pinnacle of your story. The joy of doing good things and standing for principles is unparalleled. 

And when bad people do bad things, they may sometimes get all the luxury. But they will never get any motivation to do better things. They will instead become complacent and greedy. One fine day, their story will end with the same karna they accumulated all through the journey. They can never be the best they could have been. And this is the difference between doing good and doing bad. 

Do you want easy luxury and achieve mediocre level of your potential or a struggle filled life with highest level of your potential ending with immense satisfaction? Think and choose. You'll always choose to good things no matter how difficult they are. 

Goodnight lovely people :) 

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