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What is the longest time you kept a laptop?

Using my Macbook Air 2014 with a dual-core i5 and 4GB RAM every day since 2014.
Entered into 7th year of using it daily with an average use of 8+ hours per day.
Looks & feels fairly new still today.
Gives battery backup of 5+ hours (although half from what it was, still good enough).
I know 6 more people who brought Macbooks same time as me, all still running beautifully to this day.

The only reason I am thinking about updating is its measly 4GB RAM.
Given that my phone has 6GB, 4RGB RAM is pretty limiting, especially when chrome eats up half of it straight away.
Giving this old one to my brother, who is a casual user. I think this will last 3 more years.

If you are planning to buy a Mac, make sure the RAM is adequate and plan ahead for at least 5 years.
If you can afford it, go for the 16GB variant.
And don't go for the M1 Macbook Pro, it's essentially the same as the M1 Macbook Air with the addition of a fan.

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