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The 10 PM Daily Quiz – 14 April, 2016

Hi Friends, Starting Monday, March 28, 2016 We are taking up a new initiatives for Prelims 2016 . We will be posting a 7-10 Questions Quiz based on 9 PM Brief, on a daily basis. The purpose of these is to enable practise on a daily level for you to prepare Current Affairs for Civil Services PrelimsRead Full Article

9 PM Daily Brief – 14 April 2016

Brief of newspaper articles for the day bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation What is 9 PM brief GS PAPER 2 A firm handshake, not an embrace {International Affairs} Private providers have a role to play in primary education {Education) GS PAPER 3 Green shoots? Maybe, but they need watering {Indian economy} World output faces risk of 3.9%Read Full Article

Results & Ranklist- ForumIAS Open Mock – 10th April

Dear Friends, Thank you for attempting our Open Mock on April 10th ( Sunday) Here are a few things. 1. A lot of you do not like attempting an Online Test. For you guys, we have a downloadable PDF of the Question Paper. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD QUESTION PAPER 2. Those of you who would likeRead Full Article

[Solution] – Wed Geo and Environment Quiz #3

Hello Everyone, We ForumIAS team expect that you have already attempted our Wed Geo and Environment Quiz and commented your answers in comment section. If you have not done yet, to attempt the quiz, click the following link: http://forumias.com/portal/the-wednesday-geography-env-quiz-3/   [Solutions] Q.1) Which of the following places in India are not a site for conservationRead Full Article

[Solution] – The 10 PM Daily Quiz – 13 April, 2016

We posted 7 questions in 10 PM Daily Quiz on 13th April, 2016. Thanks for the amazing response. These questions will help you polish concepts based on current affairs. In case you have not attempted them, please attempt them by clicking below. 10 PM Daily Quiz –  13 April, 2016 Q.1) Consider the following statements regardingRead Full Article

Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 14 April 2016

Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation  The Hindu  National eNAM {Agriculture – Paper III} (Advertisement) Water-starved India looks West to revive its river {Water Management – Paper III} Science & Technology  Opinions & Editorials  Green shoots? Maybe, but they need watering {Indian economy – Paper III} A firm handshake, not an embrace {International Affairs – Paper III}Read Full Article

Thursday History & Culture Quiz #3

Dear Friends, Please attempt the questions below Q1) The Young Bengal Movement, started by Henry Vivian Derozio: 1. took up the peasant’s cause 2. advocated women’s rights 3. attacked old and decadent customs Select the correct answer using the codes given below. a) 1 and 2 only b) 1 and 3 only c) 2 and 3Read Full Article