Mains Marathon : 5 Questions on Contemporary Issues – 14 September

1. Inter-state disparity in India is on rise, discuss the reasons and implications of interstate disparities and also suggest some measures to deal with the problem effectively.

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2. Mere increase in the social sector expenditure would not be enough, unless it is linked with outcomes directed to the socially excluded groups and effectively monitored. Elaborate.

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3. Critically examine why every matter of public interest cannot be a matter of public interest litigation and how PIL system has been misused to serve the private interests?

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4. Why use of GM crops have always been a contentious issue in India. Also discuss the potential of use of GM crops in India and suggest the ways that can make GM crops usable in India.

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5. Write a short note on the Brexit. And discuss it’s implications on India and global economies.

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  1. Nice questions .

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