Mains Marathon

Mains marathon – GS test 10


Read the below questions carefully and answer them in your own words not exceeding 200 words.

Time: 1 Hour

Total Marks : 10 x 7 = 70 Marks

1. Why is Emotional Intelligence (EI)  important at workplace? How is it different from Intelligence Quotient (IQ)? 

2. Public servants should promote the public interest by putting “service to the public above service to oneself”. Explain with examples from your experience.

3. Compassion is not our choice, it’s a necessity for being a human. Do you agree?

4. While attitude is only mental, aptitude is both mental and physical. Elucidate

Case studies

5. You are working as Home Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs. During your tenure, you have acted toughly against anti-national elements including many banned terrorist organisations. While on a private trip, you have been abducted by terrorists belonging to a banned terrorist group. They have demanded the release of all the terrorists jailed in different parts of the country in exchange for your safe release, failing which you will be killed. They are asking you to record a video message for the government appealing them to release all the prisoners for your own safe release. They have given an ultimatum of one week for the government to respond, failing which your video message would be sent as last resort for the government to act.

1) Examine the ethical issues involved in the above case study. (50 Words)

2) Will you record a video statement as demanded by them to influence the government? Explain why. (200 Words)


6. Recently you were appointed as Panchayat Secretary. Block Development Officer has called you and other Panchayat Secretaries for a meeting. The meeting is headed by local MLA. In the meeting while taking note of different development activities, he tells everyone to contribute Rs 20,000/- towards building a community hall in nearby town for the benefit of community to which he belongs to. He says that as everyone is taking bribe there is no harm in donating few thousand rupees towards welfare activities.

After the meeting you meet the Block Development Officer and tell him that as you are new to the job you do not have money and moreover it’s wrong to give money which will be unaccounted. BDO angrily shouts at you and asks you to not only give Rs 20,ooo/- by whatever means, you should also give him Rs 5000/- every month as part of ‘tradition’ that’s in practice in his office since past many years. He says that once you learn the skills in your new job, you will start earning more.

How will you react immediately? What course of action you will take later and why? Explain.

7. You are walking home from your work. There is a railway track nearby, which bifurcates some distance away from your home. While on your way you notice that four women have been tied to the tracks. A goods train is approaching fast.

Some distance away you notice that your daughter is walking on the other track which is actually a bridge below which a deep gorge is located. There is an option to save all five women by changing the route of the train to other track. If you do so, you will kill your daughter. Your daughter has no escape option. She is unaware of any of these developments as she is walking blissfully listening to her favourite songs from iPod from her headphones. That track on the bridge is not used by trains owing to some reasons.

You cannot run and untie all five women as it’s impossible to do so without risking your life. If you do so, you will also get killed along with the five women.

In this situation, what will you do? And explain why.

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