Mains Marathon – UPSC Mains Current Affairs Questions – June 19

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  2. republic Avatar

    India is great

  3. Forum ias today is July 1st when will you start mission 2018 pls start soon

  4. rajscd Avatar

    link is not working, some 404 error keeps popping up. pls help

  5. shaktialive Avatar

    get questions from here ….

    don’t know why there is a change in location but now questions are posted on above mentioned blog

  6. Pacific Spirit Avatar
    Pacific Spirit

    no need to slog with tedious editorials. get comprehensive notes on

  7. Jyoti Singh Avatar
    Jyoti Singh

    Forumias Sir ,Plzzz Post Mains Marathons’ Questions……!!!

  8. Sherlock-the final problem Avatar
    Sherlock-the final problem

    Yeah please @forumias

  9. ForumIAS Avatar

    Please try again.

  10. Link not working

  11. Ubermensch Avatar

    Pleas start giving questions topic wise for mains 2017 based on a pre planned timetable like last year. Thank you.

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