Must Read News Articles – December 2



The Hindu

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Delhi High Court reverses ban on combination drugs: Quashing the ban on 344 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs, Delhi High Court has said that the Centre had acted in a haphazard manner and did not take the advice of the statutory bodies under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act before issuing the notification.

‘Don’t shut the door on jallikattu’: Urging the Supreme Court not to shut the door on jallikattu, the Centre has said that the tradition is inextricably linked to the rural life of Tamil Nadu.

Anthem redux: How it came back in play: The Supreme Court ruled that all cinemas in the country must play the national anthem prior to the screening of a film, with all doors closed.

Health Ministry to file appeal, points to parallel plea in SC: The Ministry wants all 454 petitions concerning fixed dose combinations (FDCs) to be heard at one place.

Imposed only reasonable restrictions, govt. tells SC: Affidavit in SC denies any lack of preparedness in implementing the demonetisation policy.


We’re willing to wait for talks: Pak. envoy Basit: Pakistan is sending Mr. Aziz to Amritsar to attend the Heart of Asia conference on Afghanistan on December 4. It will be his first foreign ministerial visit to India in several years.

U.S. for closer defense ties with India: The National Defense Authorization Act 2017 is scheduled to be passed by the U.S Congress next week. U.S has already recognized India as a “major defense partner”


Patriotism by diktat: it is hard to understand the rationale for the Supreme Court’s order that every cinema hall should play the national anthem before the exhibition of a film.

HIV: The self-test option: With the World Health Organisation (WHO) releasing guidelines on HIV self-testing, a major obstacle in improving access to diagnosis has been cleared.

Contours of a challenge: The manner of enforcement of demonetisation has visited many consequences upon the people. If it chooses to review them, the judiciary would be overreaching its authority.

The message from Amritsar: The Heart of Asia conference is likely to confirm a new phase in India-Afghanistan ties.


Taxman says 85%, experts opine 83.25%: The tax law amendments to implement the latest voluntary Income Disclosure Scheme has left tax practitioners puzzled about the effective rate of tax and penalty that will be imposed on those who fail to avail of what is being considered the last chance at amnesty for holders of black money.

Science and Technology

India’s first private moon mission next year: The mission’s aim is to land this spacecraft on the moon, have it travel at least 500 metres and beam high-definition video, images and data back to the earth. Were it to be successful, it would likely pip ISRO’s proposed moon-lander mission – Chandrayaan 2.

Indian Express

The Amritsar opportunity: Sartaj Aziz’s participation in the Heart of Asia Conference on Afghanistan is a chance for India and Pakistan to defuse tensions, so that they can get back to talking with each other.

Live Mint

Understanding Pakistan’s new terror strategy: Rawalpindi’s intent is very clear: attack the “occupying forces” of India in Jammu and Kashmir.

Demonetisation without replacement: This is exactly the kind of policy which negates structural reform in the Indian economy and discourages investment.



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