Must Read News Articles – December 31


The Hindu

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Railways may bring in cess on tickets again: The Railways may bring back a cess on tickets to finance its proposed Rs.1 lakh crore Rail Safety Fund after a rise in derailments this year.

China again stalls India bid to blacklist Azhar: India’s international counter-terror campaign suffered a setback on Friday with China again blocking its attempt to blacklist Pakistan-based terror leader Masood Azhar at the U.N.


2016: The Supreme Court’s report card: The court’s choices this year have shown us that any independence it enjoys hasn’t guided it towards concerted courage in decision-making.

Managing risk in banks: Thee Reserve Bank of India’s biannual Financial Stability Report has once again flagged the fact that risks to the banking sector remain worryingly “high”.


Singapore investors’ capital gains to attract tax in India: India secured amendments to the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with Singapore on Friday, effectively closing one route of laundering domestic black money by “round-tripping” it from countries like Mauritius, Cyprus and Singapore.

Indian Express

Live Mint

Raghuram Rajan | Democracy, inclusion and prosperity: Democracy and free markets thrive on competition. But whereas democracy treats individuals equally, free markets empowers them on their income.

The age of Donald Trump: With the arrival of Donald Trump the coming year may well be remembered as a turning point in US and world history.

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