Must Read News Articles – December 5



The Hindu

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India, Afghanistan corner Pak. on terror at Amritsar: Mr. Modi and Mr. Ghani jointly inaugurated the ministerial deliberations at the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process conference.

‘Centre doesn’t have to raise dispute with foreign govt. over private claim’: The court made the statement while denying relief to a woman who had sought directions to the Centre to take action for the realisation of the money deposited by her deceased husband.

Environment Ministry postpones forest policy indefinitely: It has decided to abstain from committing to a timeframe by which it would have a third of India’s land under forest or tree cover, a key promise of the Forest Policy.

Army going great guns with deal for U.S. howitzers: India’s deal with the U.S. for 145 M777 ultra-light howitzers (ULH) finally breaks a long-running jinx for the Army, which has failed to induct any new artillery gun in the three decades since the Bofors scandal erupted in the late-1980s. Deals for several other types of artillery guns are in various stages of procurement.


“It’s Pakistan’s turn to open the door”: An isolated Pakistan is not in the region’s interests, but Pakistan’s leadership must take action beyond its verbal assurances.

Sagarmala could deepen India’s trade and investment ties with China: India’s decision to rapidly develop ports, especially along the east coast, and China’s renewed focus on an expansion of its harbours are resulting in an unintended fusion of the Sagarmala initiative and Beijing’s Maritime Silk Road (MSR).


Due diligence, unsafe drugs: The Delhi High Court verdict quashing all notifications banning the manufacture and sale of 344 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs is a lesson in how not to administer a regulatory law.

A roadmap for the CBI: The investigative agency must proceed against its own erring officers and liberate itself from red-tapism.


As India goes digital, hacking targets multiply: Phishing websites created by cybercriminals spoofed 26 Indian banks in order to steal personal information.

Indian Express

Tightening the net: The doctrine of extradition ensures an orderly process that protects the fugitive’s interests as it is subject to judicial review.

Over the barrel: The case for an energy ombudsman: A new department with executive authority will ensure energy sector is reinvigorated.

Live Mint

The unresolved problem of twin balance sheet: Even in a favourable economic condition, revival may be difficult for some companies.

More decentralization and more democracy: Decentralization is not merely for local governments, it also extends to greater flexibility for states.


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